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Great Kilt

The Great Kilt or feileadh mòr is the most attractive full length garment which is worn over the body. The great kilt is not a new dress, it has a detailed history. It was the traditional dress in the 16th century.  The great kilt is treated as the father of the modern kilts because it was the first form of the kilt which was worn at that time.

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The great kilt is itself is not a kilt at all. It has no pleats, belt loops, buckles, buttons, straps and also not a apparel shape garment.  It was only the blanket or large piece of woolen cloth. It is the unstitched garment and it is only garment which only only covers the upper part of the body but also the lower part. The detailed great kilt history will be explained in next paragraph.

Brief History Of Great Kilt

In this paragraph, we will give you detailed information about the father of the kilt which is known as great kilt. If you like Scottish or Irish tradition then you should understand the great kilt history.

The great kilt history goes back to the era where only full length woolen blankets were worn by poor people in order to protect from winter. This was treated as the poor people outfit but later the military people also wear blankets over the body to protect from weapons of the enemy. With the passage of time, people use the blanket to make household items such as blanket covers, table mats etc.

With increase in popularity of the great kilt, it was only designed for the army, military or Royal families. The general public was not allowed to wear great kilt. Later, the new government lift the ban and people of UK including Scotland and Ireland also can wear great kilts in regular routine life.

Scottish great kilt history : Evolution

The great kilt gains much popularity in the 20th century where not only woolen cloth was used but also traditional style kilts were invented. People wear the traditional apparel in their daily life without any restriction. Many kilt lovers were worn traditional style kilts instead of pants or trousers.

Modern kilts

The traditional kilts converted into modern kilts in the 21st century. This is the modern era of the traditional great kilt. Today’s not only tartan, plaid or wool kilts are worn by the people but also wear kilt of every fabric with pride.

Traditional great kilt vs modern kilt

Traditional great kilt only made in tartan, tweed, wool and plaid and it is the unstitched fabric. While the modern kilt has utility pockets, belt loops, buttons and all things which is necessary in the trouser or pants. We can say that the modern kilt is the advanced from of the trouser. Well the great kilt is ancient but still people prefer ancient great kilt over modern kilt.

Great kilt for sale UK

The great kilt is the new addition to our largest collection of mens kilts. The great kilt is the true men’s kilt and it is the first form of the history of the Scottish kilt. If you are looking for a great kilt for sale UK then our company is the best place to buy great kilt. We have not only traditional great kilt but also belted plaid great kilt. Whatever great kilt you want, buy great kilt from us at a good price.


Great Kilt

Great Kilt

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Where people wear highland great kilt?

This highland great kilt is the traditional full length garment which is worn worldwide. In this modern era, this highland great kilt is worn at villages and in special Scottish events. You may seen people wearing great kilts in the mountain areas of UK, Canada, France, USA, Italy and Germany

belted plaid great kilt

The belted plaid great kilt is the traditional great kilt but it has also a belt for fastening. The ancient great kilt did not have belts. Further, the method of wearing the great kilt in both styles are the same, the only difference is the belt. The belted plaid great kilt is for those great kilt lovers who are new in the kilt. By using belt, the great kilt wearer can able to wear the great kilt without any problem. The great kilt belted plaid is slighter expensive than traditional great kilt because in the great kilt belted plaid you have to buy Scottish leather belt add-on.

What is great kilt belt

The great kilt belt is the simple Scottish leather belt which you use with your traditional and modern style kilts. It is the bigger size belt which is specially designed for the Scottish kilts. If you already have great kilt belt then wear it with your great kilt otherwise buy the real leather great kilt belt from us.

Great Kilt Brooch

The great kilt brooch is very important for the great kilt. Without great kilt brooch you cannot fasten the great kilt. It is available in unique designs. It is also used with fly plaid and Earasaid. The great kilt brooch is made with bronze, silver and gold.

Great kilt fabric

The great kilt fabric is plaid, tartan, tweed and wool. These are the traditional fabrics for making a standard great kilt. The traditional great kilt cannot be made from denim, leather and cotton. If you want to make a great kilt then used the recommend great kilt fabrics.

great kilt how to wear

The great kilt how to wear? this is the common question in the mind of the newbies. It is easy to wear the great kilt because it is the blanket which covers over the body.

great kilt length

The great kilt length is about 4-5 yards but we recommend to make a great kilt or order a great kilt in 8 yards fabric. More yards covers the whole body and it is the traditional great kilt length.

Great kilt size

The great kilt size is same as the great kilt length but we recommend you to wear 8 yard tartan kilt fabric for best result.

great kilt material

The great kilt material is fabric, belt and kilt brooch. There is not concept of buttons and other hardware's in the great kilt.

great kilt pin

If you do not have great kilt brooch then you can also use great kilt pin for fastening the wool great kilt.

great kilt UK

People wear great kilt in great kilt UK, USA, Germany, France and other European countries. The great kilt UK is the primary country for the great kilt and it is widely worn in UK.

great kilt wedding

The great kilt wedding can be a wedding dress. If you live in a village where people mostly wear great kilt all the time then great kilt wedding would be the best option for you.

Great kilt wool or plaid

The great kilt wool is made from real wool which is the finest fabric while the great plaid kilt is made form the plaid which is not the wool but affordable fabric for the poor people. Our company have both great scot kilts fabric for our client. You can choose the best great scot kilt according to your needs. So, at UK Kilt, you can buy both great kilts in great kilt wool or great plaid kilt.

Irish great kilt

The Irish great kilt is made from the Irish national tartan or Irish heritage tartan. Both are the symbolic tartans for the Ireland. The Irish great kilt is for those people who love Irish tartan.

outlander great kilt

The outlander great kilt is made from Fraser tartan or black watch weathered tartan. These two popular tartans are mostly used in Hollywood movies and Tv serials. The Outlander is the one of the best tv serial in which the actor wear outlander great kilt.

wearing a great kilt

Wearing a great kilt is very easy as we described above. The method of wearing a great kilt is same whether you wear wool great kilt, formal great kilt or pure wool great kilt.

Ancient kilt vs Great kilt

The ancient kilt is not ancient itself.  It is the great kilt which used in the Hollywood movies about 20 years ago. The real ancient or traditional kilt is the great kilt which is still popular in European countries.

black watch great kilt

The black watch is the premium tartan which is available in acrylic wool and 100% wool. Many great kilt lovers, love to wear great kilt in this black watch tartan fabric. This is the universal tartan which is suitable for everyone who don't know their family tartan. So, if you want to wear the traditional great kilt but don't know your clan then we recommend you to wear black watch great kilt.

Steps Of Great Kilt Measurements

Before buying these great kilts, great kilt measurements is important because the measuring of these great kilts is different than any other kilt. You need to follow the following steps for feileadh mòr measurement.
  • First, you will have to measure your waist size. Make sure to measure where you normally wear your pants or trousers.
  • Second, comes the kilt length, now measure from your waist size till the knee cap. Make sure to get a buddy who can help you take your kilt length size because if you bend a little the whole measurement will be ruined.
Now, let’s talk about the different yards. The 4, 5 and 6 yards kilt will be equivalent to 34, 44, and 54 inches waist size respectively. If you found that your size is closest to one of these then you should consider the next one as they will help you get deeper pleats. Stay connected with and explore our more kilts varieties. We have a major collection regarding Kilts for Men and you can buy with discount.

great kilt dimensions

The great kilt dimensions of the finished product (great kilt) is about 60 inches wide and 4 ½ yards long. This great kilt dimensions is for people of any age group.


how much fabric for a great kilt?

how much fabric for a great kilt? the answer is simple. The great kilt is normal made with 4-5 yards fabric. The kilt wearer who have height 5.5 feet or high, should used 8 yard fabric for a great kilt.

Where to buy great kilt?

If you want to buy great kilt then there is a lot of options. You can visit any retail kilt store in your area or great kilt buy online from recommended websites. Our UK Kilt company every time follows the trading standards. So great kilt buy online from us at a good price.

how big is a great kilt?

The width of great kilt is 54 to 60 inches and the length is 4 yards up to 8 yards.

how long is a great kilt?

The normal fabric used for making the great kilt is 4 yards but for wearing on whole body properly we recommend to use 8 yards fabric for a great kilt.

how many yards in a great kilt?

The great kilt can be made with 4 yards fabric but we recommend to use 8 yards fabric as described above.

how to fold a great kilt?

  1. First of all lay down on the  protective canvas cover.
  2. In next step, flip the plaid and lie down on the cover and pleat the kilt as you usually do.
  3. Fold the upper and lower apron in the pleated area
  4. Carefully remove all wrinkles
  5. hem edge the great kilt.
  6. Finally, tie the kilt with belt.

how to make a great kilt?

It is easy to make a great kilt. First lay down the belt and woolen cloth. Make sure the belt is under the woolen cloth. Now lay down on the cloth and wrap  half the fabric from right to left and left to right. Now fasten the belt and stand up. The remaining fabric must drop over the shoulder and fasten with the kilt pin or kilt brooch.

how to put on a great kilt?

You can use belt for fastening the great kilt and also for holding the great kilt on the shoulder, you can use kilt pin or great kilt brooch.

how to wear a great kilt?

Wearing a great kilt is easy, you must have to lay down and wrap half the fabric from right to left and half the fabric from left to right then stand up and fasten with the help of belt.

how to wrap a great kilt?

You must lay down on the woolen fabric for wrapping the great kilt. Wrapping a great kilt from left to right and then right to left.

what is a great kilt?

A great kilt is the woolen fabric which is used to cover the whole body and fastening with the help of leather belt.

What is women's great kilt?

A women's great kilt is Earasaid. It is same as the men's great kilt.