Black Kilt

There are many Kilt Colors available at our kilt company. Some of the Kilt Colors are Blue, pink, maroon, red, white and black kilt. All kilts are customized and made according to the Scottish standard of the kilts. Our makers always purchase the highest quality Kilt Colors fabrics from the international market, so that the consumer will get the best kilt from us. We are the pioneer in UK for kilt business and have a huge reputation all over the world, so our quality is excellent.

Black Tartan Kilt

As we discussed above, we have too many color kilts available for sale but the best selling color kilt among all kilts is black kilt. The Scottish black kilt is the attractive color kilt which not only best for daily routine work but also you can wear any black kilt at parties and weddings.

Our company makes black kilt in tartan, cotton, wool. tweed, leather and denim fabric. If you want to know which black kilt is best in tartan then we recommend you to wear black tartan kilt.

Why Black tartan kilt is best?

The black tartan kilt is the best tartan kilt for men. This black kilt tartan is made with the real tartan fabric and have real leather and brass hardware. The pleats of this black kilt is sewn according to the trading standards.

This type of black kilt is comfortable and easy to wear that is why this is the best kilt in Scotland and other cities of the United Kingdom. If you are searching for a best  Men’s black Kilt then this Scottish kilt is for you.

This Men’s black kilt  is available in at an affordable price. Any men who love the Scottish traditional can easily buy this Men’s black kilt from us. Although this mens black kilt is the traditional kilt but still loves by everyone.

Mens Black Kilt:

The mens black kilt is always the attractive bottom wear in the eyes of people. The black outfit is the most wearable outfit in almost every occasion such as house parties, friend’s meetings, office work and other important places. Our company has make large quantities of different designs / styles of mens black kilt.  All mens black kilts are perfectly stitched and trimmed under the supervision of our kilt experts.

Black Watch Kilt:

The black watch kilt is also the tartan kilt but it is not a solid black tartan kilt as we described above. This kilt has greenish black shade but also popular as solid black kilt. Our company also made this kilt in wool fabric. So, the wool lovers can also buy wool kilts from us.

Black Tie Kilt:

The black tie kilt is very important with the kilt outfit. The simple black tie is the basic element of any outfit but if we added black tie kilt in your kilt outfit, it will makes you a perfect Scotsman. Our company also make black tie kilt for our customers, some are casual black ties while some black tie is made with the tartan or wool. These wool / tartan black tie kilt is the perfect tie for the tartan kilt outfit. We also have all Kilt Colors of tartans, tweeds and wools.

Black Kilt Skirt:

We have too many black kilts for men but our company also make black kilt skirt for our ladies kilt customers. We have black kilt skirt in black colors. As we discussed above that the black is the most wearable color, so we make black kilt skirt in every black fabric such as cotton, leather, black wool, tweed and black tartan. All these Kilt Colors fabrics are high quality and the black kilt skirt is made according to the kilt standards. We have casual and non casual black kilt skirt for our women customers.

Black Kilt Socks:

Like black tie kilt, we also have black kilt socks for our customers.  At our kilt company you will get all accessories in black. The black kilts for men added beauty to your personality when we include other black stuffs such as kilt socks, black kilt flashes, black kilt shoes, black kilt pins and other black kilt accessories.  Our black kilt socks are available in every size and now a days, we are making socks in tweed and wool as per the demand of the customers.

Men’s Black Kilt Price:

Our company makes high quality men’s black kilt for our customers in various designs such as  Black Tartan kiltRed and Black kiltBlack Leather kilt, black denim kilt. All black kilt mens are comfortable and easy to wear as these are adjustable. Our black kilt mens are modern fashion dress and available in 40 to 200 GBP depends on the fabric. These modern dresses are now in fashion, so buy your favorite black kilts for men from us..

No products were found matching your selection.

Grey Kilt

The grey kilt is a beautiful color kilt. This beautiful grey kilt is exclusively available at our kilt shop. Like the black kilt, the grey kilt is also available in every fabric such as cotton, wool, tweed, tartan, denim, leather etc. The grey pattern in every fabric is different. The wool and tweed grey patterns are the most attractive patterns. The coat and kilt made in these fabrics increases your personality in front of the people.  Not only black kilts are popular, the grey kilt also has significant importance in today's life. Many customers like to wear grey or dark grey kilts.

Grey Tartan Kilt

We have many beautiful grey kilts for our customers. Apart from cotton grey kilt, we also have a premium grey tartan kilt. This type of kilt is made with the plain grey tartan fabric like solid black tartan and solid green tartan. Plain tartan colors provides more uniqueness in the kilt. The grey tartan is also available in 13oz and 16oz like other tartans. This is the beautiful fabric which is lighter than cotton and best for those people who wants to wear lighter grey kilts. We also have grey tartan in checked patterns which is the cultural patterns of the tartans. Our company also makes grey kilts in Douglas grey, granite grey,  Iron hose and Ramsay grey. These grey tartans are the modern tartans. We make almost everything in these grey tartans such as flashes, fly plaid, tartan sporrans, kilts, jackets etc.

Grey Kilt Outfit

Our Scottish kilt company also has kilt outfits in grey fabrics. We have grey kilt outfits in almost every grey tartans. You can choose the best one for your wedding grey kilt outfit. Our grey kilt outfits are affordable, so anyone can buy our kilt outfit and wear it at weddings and other important places. Buy the best grey kilt outfit from us.

Grey Kilt Jacket

We normally sells Prince Charlie Jackets or Brian Buru Jackets for our customers. We also have tartan jackets for special customers who like to wear tartan jackets in parties and other places. Our tartan grey kilt jacket is made with the grey kilt tartan. You choose your favorite grey kilt tartan among the beautiful tartans. Many customers loves to wear kilts in the plain grey fabric but it is up to you. You can choose checked grey kilt tartan for the kilt grey and the grey kilt jacket. The grey tartan kilt is normally made in 13oz but the grey kilt jacket always manufactured in the 16oz tartan.

Grey Spirit Kilt

The grey spirit kilt is the Scottish kilt grey which is lighter than cotton kilts. These grey kilts are not ideal for weddings. However you can choose the best kilt grey at parties. The grey spirit kilt is also flexible and comfortable.

Grey kilt socks

In grey kilt outfit package, there is not only grey tartan kilt and grey kilt jacket but also other accessories in form of grey kilt socks, grey kilt flashes, grey kilt Sporran, grey kilt Fly plaid etc. The grey kilt socks is a real quality socks which is best for wedding, You can also wear alone grey kilt socks with your favorite light grey kilt.

charcoal grey kilt jacket

Another beautiful kilt jacket in our grey jacket collection is charcoal grey kilt jacket. The charcoal grey kilt jacket is a modern grey kilt jacket. This is the high quality charcoal kilt jacket which is perfect for your grey kilt outfit. We also have same charcoal grey kilt socks for your grey kilt outfit. You can also wear dark grey kilt with the grey kilt jacket. Some customers like dark grey and normal grey color combination which also make your outfit attractive. The dark grey tartan kilt is also made with heavy fabric which meet the Scottish standards.

Douglas Grey Kilt Outfit

The Douglas grey kilt outfit is also the best kilt outfit for your wedding. You can wear grey Douglas tartan kilt with grey argyle kilt jacket and other Scottish accessories. The grey granite kilt outfit is also best selling kilt outfit in USA and UK.  Our grey granite tartan kilt outfit has grey kilt flashes, grey kilt hose and grey kilt jacket and waistcoat. We can add more accessories according to your requirements.

Red Kilt

The red kilt is the bright color kilt which is like mostly men. The red kilt is made with cotton or tartan fabric. There are also some kilts which are made in a red cowhide leather. Gay men also like to wear red kilt because this the primary pride color of the pride or gay kilts. These red kilts are best for formal and non formal events.

Plain Kilt Red

Like solid black tartan kilt, we also have plain kilt red for our customers. This plain kilt red is soft and comfortable because these red kilts are made with the red tartan. You can also worn kilt red with argyle kilt jacket or Prince Charlie kilt jacket. Red kilt flashes, red kilt socks, red kilt Sporrans, Red kilt fly plaid, red kilt sashes and red kilt hat is the most attractive red tartan accessories which you must use with your kilt outfit.

Ladies Red Kilt

We also have ladies red kilt for our female customers. These ladies red kilt is made with the finest quality red tartan. The red tartan kilt for ladies is softer than mens red tartan kilts. These red tartan kilts are easy to wear and flexible.

Red hot chilli pipers kilt

This is a special kilt for fancy kilt lovers. The red hot chilli pipers kilt is the modern kilt like other tartan red kilts. This red kilt is the best pipers kilt. You can wear at parade and other events. In order to make an elegant look, you should wear this red kilt mens with red kilt flashes, red kilt hose, red kilt skirt, red kilt socks and red kilt jacket.  All these stuff is best for the red kilt outfit. If you also searching for the red kilt wedding then this complete outfit is for you.

Red Leather Kilt

As we discussed above, the red leather kilt is the pride kilt and one of the best selling leather kilt. We have red leather kilt in traditional and modern styles. Some modern style red kilts are specially made for the young boys. All these red label kilts are made with the original material and always made fresh according to the customer's order. We have every type of red kilts for sale for our customers. Few red kilts for sale are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Red Mini Kilt

The red mini kilt is the short kilt and best for those customers who like to wear shorts or short kilts. This red mini kilt provides more freedom to the kilt wearer. You can wear this red mini kilt at any place. An ideal red kilt for summer. Wear this red mini kilt with pride.

Red Plaid Kilt

The red plaid kilt is the tartan kilt which is beautifully sewn at the back side. This red plaid kilt is available in every beautiful red tartan pattern. You can wear this red tartan mini kilt with your favorite kilt jacket and other accessories. We also have ladies red tartan kilt available in soft fabric and these are sweat-free and comfortable kilts for ladies.

White Kilt

The white kilt is the most attractive kilt. Our kilt company has many Scottish white kilts for our customers. Many customers loves to buy full white kilt outfit i.e, plain white kilt, ghillie shirt, white kilt socks, white kilt Sporran, White kilt flashes, white kilt fly plaid , white kilt jacket, white kilt sashes and white kilt metal buckles and kilt pins. We also have many white kilt outfits packages available for our clients to choose from. Our white kilts are mostly made with the cotton fabric. However, our wool kilt customers loves to wear white kilts in wool. We uses real white wool for making high quality white kilts. Our white kilts for men has everything which you need in a standard Scottish white kilt.  We Will explained the White kilt and accessories in next paragraphs.

white kilt shirt

The white kilt shirt is the best kilt shirt with the white kilt. We have formal and non formal white kilt shirts for our clients. You can choose the best white kilt shirt with your modern white kilt from our kilt store. Every kilt shirt is available in a original quality and affordable price.

white kilt socks

The white kilt socks is very important kilt accessory if you want to wear the kilt outfit at wedding. This must be worn with the black Scottish shoes. Our company's white kilt socks are far better than other kilt companies and available in a good price.

white kilt jacket

Like black kilt jacket, we also have high quality white kilt jacket for our customers. You can wear the mens white kilt with white kilt jacket. For a perfect wedding dress, we have a white kilt outfit for you. This white kilt outfit includes everything which you want in a complete kilt wedding outfit.

white leather kilt

The white leather kilt is made with the cowhide white leather.  This white kilt leather is also available in traditional and modern style. Some modern kilts are Gothic style which have more metal d rings and other metal hardwares while some have few metal hardwares but looks attractive. This white kilt skirt can be worn with the casual white or black shirt.

white tartan kilt

We have another white kilt in our website. The white tartan kilt is made with the plain white tartan. It is same like solid black tartan and green tartan. You can wear any white shirt for kilt. With this white kilt, the white tie kilt also increases your personality in front of your friends. The white tartan kilt also treated as white wedding kilt which you must wear with your favorite kilt jacket.

white utility kilt

The white utility kilt is the white kilt that has pockets, straps, buckles, belt loops and other utility features. The white workman kilt is the fine example of the white utility kilt for men.

white kilt soldiers

This is the special kilt white and it is best for the soldiers, This white kilt is a camouflage kilt which mostly worn at military duties. For army training, this white kilt soldier is for you.

Pink Kilt

The pink kilt is the kilt for both men and women. As you know, the pink is the loving color for girls and mostly women wear pink dresses but this pink kilt is modern design kilt which men can also wear at special events. Our pink kilts are available in a utility and hybrid style. Some pink kilts are Gothic, which has more hardwares specially d shaped and o shaped rings. These kilts also have 2 or more leather straps. These Gothic pink kilts are heavy kilts. Our makers also make light weight pink kilt or skirt for females.  We explain more about pink kilt in next paragraphs.

Fabric Use in Kilt Pink

In kilt pink, we uses the cotton fabric because the plain tartan is not available in a pink color. We make pink kilts in light pink, dark pink and other shades of pink. The cotton utility pink kilt has storage pockets, belt loops, leather straps with rust free buttons. We uses the high quality pink cotton fabric for making pink utility kilts.

hot pink kilt

The hot pink kilt is the kilt made with the bright pink color. This pink kilt men's are mostly worn by gay or pride people. This bright color pink kilt must be worn at pride events. Furthermore, this mens pink kilt is available at a affordable price.

pink camo kilt

The pink camo kilt is the newest addition in our kilt collection. This pink camo kilt is made with the pinkish camo fabric. The pink camo kilt is best camo kilt for men. It is the attractive pink kilt, which you can not only wear at military or army duties but also at other places. We uses the best stitching machine to stitch the pink camo kilt.

Pink Kilt Accessories

Like other color kilts, we also have a complete pink kilt outfit for our customers. In this outfit, we includes pink kilt flashes, pink kilt skirt, mens pink tartan kilt, pink kilt socks, pink kilt jacket, pink kilt fly plaid and pink kilt Sporran.

Purple Kilt

The purple kilt is the beautiful color kilt for both men and women. Our kilt company have not only simple utility purple kilts for our customers but also have modern Gothic and hybrid purple kilts. The purple kilt is made with purple cotton fabric. We also have plain tartan for making purple tartan kilt. We will discuss about purple tartan kilt in next paragraph. The cotton purple kilt has big size pockets, big size belt loops, rust free buttons and other  hardwares. Moreover, this purple kilt is the made to order kilt and the customized work is free of cost. We can add more pockets, belt loops and exclude some things according to the instructions of the customers. Our cotton kilts have huge demand in all over the world and the purple kilt is one of them. You can wear the purple kilt with the white shirt, black shirt or any color shirt according to your choice.

Purple Tartan Kilt

The purple tartan kilt is for those purple kilt lovers who wish to wear tartan kilt in purple color. We customized manufactured the solid purple color for making purple kilts. The purple tartan kilt is the plain kilt from purple tartan which has two or three leather straps with buckles. The pleats of the purple tartan kilt are sewn according to the trading standards. We also have a complete purple kilt outfit for you guys.

Purple kilt outfit

This purple kilt outfit has purple kilt tartan, purple kilt flashes, purple kilt hose or purple kilt socks, purple kilt fly plaid, purple kilt jacket and purple kilt Sporran. This purple kilt outfit is the best outfit for every event and the kilt purple included in this outfit is of high quality. The purple kilt jacket in this outfit is made with tartan, wool or tweed fabric. You can choose your favorite fabric, so we can make the purple kilt jacket in that fabric.

womens purple kilt

Like mens purple kilt, we also have a beautiful womens purple kilt. This kilt has rust free metal chains and buttons. The womens purple kilt is the stylish kilt and it is the best choice for  the parties.

royal purple kilt

The royal purple kilt should be discussed here because it is the beautiful Royal kilt for the fashion lovers or for those who wanted to wear the Royal dresses. A premium quality purple kilt but available at a budgeted price.

brown kilt

The brown kilt or the khaki kilt is the common kilt for every one. Men loves to wear black kilt or brown kilt in daily routine life. We can say that the brown kilt is the casual kilt for every activity. You can wear this brown kilt full day at home or wear the kilt at jobs and other business meetings.

Modern style Brown kilt

This brown kilt also available in Gothic and other modern styles. Some brown kilts is the combination of brown and khaki cotton colors which make them more attractive. Our modern brown kilts gives equal importance as black kilts. You can wear our modern brown kilt with white or black shirt. We also have a complete brown kilt outfit for sale like other color kilts.

brown clan kilt

The brown kilt is also available in a tartan or clan. The brown clan kilt is the royal family tartan kilt which mostly worn by that royal family. This brown tartan kilt is made with heavy and light fabric i.e, 16 oz and 13 oz. As men mostly loves to wear heavier kilts, so we prefer to wear the brown tartan kilt in 16oz fabric. This brown kilt is made in 6 yard or more fabric and have two belt loops and couple of straps buckles for adjustable fitting. We also offer the customized brown kilt belt for the brown tartan kilt.  Our kilt company also has the brown kilt outfit for the brown family tartan kilt which will discuss in next paragraph.

brown kilt Outfit

The brown kilt outfit consists of brown kilt shoes, brown kilt belt, brown kilt hose, brown kilt jacket, brown kilt socks and brown kilt Sporrans. This is the brownish kilt outfit for those people who wish to wear only brown dress. Each thing in this brown kilt outfit is made with highest quality fabric.

brown kilt shoes and brown kilt belt

The brown kilt shoes and the brown kilt belt is the most attractive brown kilt outfit accessories in the outfit. Our kilt brown shoes and the brown kilt belt is made with the real cowhide leather. These brown kilt accessories are available in a unique designs. The modern designs of brown kilt belt and brown kilt shoes are also available for sale at affordable prices.

brown leather kilt

The brown leather kilt is made with the pure real animal skin. This type of brown kilt has cargo pockets, rust free small studs, buttons and a beautiful design. Some of our brown leather kilts are made with the embossed brown leather which make any leather kilt more beautiful. We also have a beautiful brown leather kilt belt for the brown leather kilts.

brown tweed kilt

Brown fabric is also available in the tweed. The brown tweed kilt is made with the real tweed. You can wear this brown tweed kilt at any place without any issue. We have a complete brown tweed kilt outfit which has brown tweed kilt, brown tweed kilt jacket, kilt shoes brown and brown kilt belts. A perfect outfit for tweed outfit lovers.

brown watch tartan kilt

We also have high quality brown watch tartan kilt and brown utility kilt for our clients.

Orange Kilt

The orange kilt is the bright color kilt. The orange kilt is the best kilt for Halloween. We have black and orange kilt for our customers in a beautiful design. These orange kilts you can worn at parties and night clubs. We uses the heavy orange cotton fabric for making orange kilts for our customers. Some of the attractive feature of the bright color orange kilt are as follows.
  • Flexible orange kilt
  • Made to order orange kilt
  • Cargo Pockets
  • Rust free hardware
  • Affordable
The orange kilt is also available in both hybrid style kilts and cotton utility kilts. If you want orange color in tartan then we suggest you to wear Saffron kilts. This is the heavy tartan orange kilt which has straps and buckles for adjustable fittings. This orange tartan kilt is available in 4,6 and 8 yard fabric. The customization is also possible in this orange tartan kilt such as adding side pockets, metal chains, metal clips and other hardwares. For a perfect Irish look, you must wear this kilt with kilt sporran.

hi vis kilt orange

The hi vis kilt orange is the orange kilt which has visible orange reflector. We have large number of hi vis kilt orange for our clients. The reflector used in this orange kilt reflects in the darkness, so this orange kilt is the best kilt for night work or night events. Furthermore, this hi vis orange kilt has more pockets than simple orange utility kilt. This orange kilts also have more deep pleats. White t shirt with this kilt is the perfect outfit. A best buy orange kilt for night jobs.

Who wears orange kilts?

Anybody can wear the orange kilts. These orange kilts represents Irish heritage but anyone can wear these kilts, there is no restriction.

Blue Kilt

The blue kilt available in every fabric i.e, cotton, wool, tweed, tartan, camouflage, denim and leather. Our most of the denim kilts are made in the blue denim fabric. These kilts mostly stonewashed and best for every fashion events. Our denim modern blue kilt is the pant shaped kilt which is for everyone who don't know about the Scottish culture. Apart from the denim blue kilt, our utility blue kilt is also have huge selling demand. We have traditional and modern blue kilt for our customers. We make blue utility kilt, navy blue kilt, light blue kilt and dark blue kilt for our customers. All these are attractive colors for the blue kilt.

Blue Tartan Kilt

The blue tartan kilt is the blue kilt which is made with the tartan fabric. This type of blue kilt is available in many beautiful tartan patterns. Douglas blue tartan kilt is one of the best selling blue tartan kilt. There are also many tartan kilts in blue patterns. All these blue tartan kilts are made according to the guidelines of the Scottish kilt standards. This blue kilt is available in traditional style as well as modern style. We can also do any changes in the blue tartan kilt as per the customer's requirement. Every work is performed diligently and with great care.

blue kilt jacket

We also have blue kilt jacket in cotton, tweed, tartan and wool fabrics. This blue is best worn with blue plaid kilt. You can also add add-ons with blue plaid kilt to make the blue kilt outfit more attractive. The add-ons include blue kilt Sporran, kilt pin, belt, and buckle. All these small accessories should be attached with the blue plaid kilt. This blue kilt jacket outfit will be the best outfit for wedding.

blue kilt tartans outfit

As we discussed above, the blue kilt jacket outfit is the best outfit for wedding if we add add-ons on the blue tartan kilt. The complete list of kilt accessories which must be included with blue kilt tartans are as follows
  • blue kilt flashes
  • blue kilt hose or blue kilt socks
  • blue kilt fly plaid
  • blue kilt sashes
  • blue kilt shoes
All these kilt accessories makes a perfect blue kilt outfit for you.

navy blue kilt

The navy blue kilt is the utility cotton kilt for the men. In this kilt there are attractive snaps on the front side. The pockets also very attractive and bigger in size. We uses heavy cotton fabric for making this kilt and it is best wear with the white t-shirt. This navy blue kilt is the casual blue kilt which you can wear at any outdoor activities.

Blue Ramsay kilt

Like blue Douglas kilt, the blue ramsay kilt is also very attractive tartan kilt for men and women. This blue kilt has same features as blue Douglas kilt. The blue ramsay kilt is made with the blue ramsay tartan which is a universal tartan. Not only Ramsay clan family can wear that tartan kilt but also anyone can wear. There is no clan restriction. This blue ramsay kilt is available in short and long sizes. You can choose the size according to your height.

buchanan blue tartan kilt

Another blue kilt is included in our addition. This buchanan blue tartan kilt is the unique kilt of buchanan clan. We are all familiar with the buchanan ancient kilt but this blue tartan kilt is made in a new tartan. This buchanan family tartan is modern and best for teenagers.

blue spirit kilt

The blue spirit kilt is another beautiful blue kilt for men. This stylish blue kilt is for modern people. We make this blue spirit kilt according to the Scottish standard. This blue kilt as popular as blue ramsay tartan kilt.

blue tweed kilt

The blue tweed kilt is a beautiful real blue kilt made in a tweed fabric. We have both plain blue tweed and pattern blue tweed fabric for our customers. These tweed kilts are for those customers who love tweed fabrics. We also have a blue tweed kilt jacket for our customers. The blue tweed kilt jacket and waistcoat has beautiful buttons and a unique design. Another beautiful blue tweed kilt is the cairngorm blue kilt. It is the finest quality tweed kilt for men. If you want the blue kilt in this tweed then you must email us first.

dark blue kilt

The dark blue kilt is same in style as navy blue kilt. If you love to wear dark color kilts then this dark blue kilt is for you.

light blue kilt

The light blue kilt is the blue kilt who loves to wear light blue dresses. This color mostly liked by old people.

light blue tartan kilt

We also have plain light blue tartan kilt for our clients. This light blue tartan kilt is the plain tartan kilt which you can wear with matching shirts and t shirts. Our collection of jackets also have light blue tweed kilt jacket and lovat blue kilt jacket. In blue tartan, we also have following kilt accessories for our customers, so the choices of the accessories will never limited.
  • lovat blue kilt socks
  • lovat blue kilt hose
  • navy blue kilt jacket
  • navy blue kilt socks
  • navy blue tweed kilt jacket

Royal blue kilt

The royal blue kilt is the beautiful cotton kilt. This royal blue kilt has all the basic features which any utility kilt have. Customers loves this kilt because of it's fabric.

Blue Spirit Tartan Kilt

Like ramsay blue tartan kilt,  the blue spirit tartan kilt is also best selling Scottish kilt for men and women. This blue spirit tartan kilt is also available in heavy fabric and light weight fabric. All our blue tartan kilts are made with the finest quality fabric. You can wear this kilt blue at any place without any restriction.

Green Kilt

The green kilt is the cotton kilt for men and women. Like other cotton kilts, the green kilt also available in different cotton shades i.e, light green, normal green, dark green etc. Our best selling Scottish kilt is the dark green kilt. That dark green kilt is the most attractive color among other green kilts.

Fabrics Of Green Kilt?

We use different fabrics for making a green kilt. It depends on the choice of the customers. Some kilt customers choose cotton fabric ( green or dark green) for green kilt while some tartan lovers select solid green among tartan colors for a traditional green kilt. Our leather green kilt is also have a huge selling demand in recent years. We have plain as well as shinny leather for making such beautiful Scottish kilts.

Green Kilt Jacket

We also make beautiful green kilt jacket for our customers. This green kilt jacket is made with any fabric but the cost of leather green kilt jacket will be higher than other fabrics. We make this green kilt jacket with the real leather fabric. We can also make a customized green kilt jacket according to the customer's order.

Green Tartan Kilt

If you choose solid green tartan for a green kilt jacket, then we recommend you to wear that green kilt jacket with green tartan kilt. It will be the perfect outfit for you. The traditional style lovers always wear green kilt jacket with a traditional style green tartan kilt. You can also buy a green tartan sporran from us with your green kilt jacket outfit.

sage green kilt

The sage green kilt is available in the modern style and traditional style. Customers have a right to choose the design according to their likeness. You can also wear sage green kilt with your Scottish kilt outfit. A front sporran make your sage green kilt outfit more beautiful.

green kilt outfit

The green kilt outfit consists of green kilt socks or lovat green kilt socks, green tweed kilt jacket or lovat green kilt jacket, green kilt hoses, green kilt flashes, green kilt sashes, green kilt hat, green kilt fly plaid and other green kilt accessories.

dark green kilt

The dark green kilt is our best selling green kilt because we have the beautiful dark green cotton fabric. All dark green kilts are quality kilts and made according to the kilt standard. We also have dark green kilt jacket if you want to wear the dark green kilt outfit.

green irish kilt

The green irish kilt is best for those people who are Irish or live in Ireland. The green irish kilt is made with the Irish tartan fabric. This green kilt mens are available in both traditional and modern style.  Our company also has green kilt skirt, green plaid kilt, green tweed kilt and gretna green kilts for our clients.

green utility kilt

The green utility kilt is the cotton modern kilt which has pockets, belt loops, precious metal hardware and other utility things which make it best for the men. Our kilt greens are easy to wear and flexible.

olive green kilt

The olive green kilt is another best selling green shade kilts. We make this kilt with olive green cotton fabric. This solid green kilt is best for parties and other events. Buy olive green kilt from us at a good price.

Yellow Kilt

The yellow kilt is modern kilt which is for the young boys. You can wear this yellow kilt with the white shirt. This yellow kilt is the casual Scottish kilt, which you can wear everywhere.  The short yellow kilt is best for the hot weather. Our kilt company uses the soft yellow cotton fabric, so the yellow kilt is sweat-free. For the complete yellow kilt outfit, we recommend you to wear this yellow kilt with yellow kilt jacket, yellow flashes, yellow sashes, kilt pin and yellow kilt sporrans. Our yellow kilts are also durable and gives long lasting result but make sure, you must wash these yellow kilts by hands. This yellow kilt has metal hardwares, so automatic washers will harmful for your yellow kilts and yellow kilt jackets. Moreover, the kilt yellow is available in every size and we also offer made to measure kilts. If you have a design or want some changes in the kilt yellow, then we can do it for you without demanding extra charges.