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Highland Jackets

The highland Jackets are doublet jackets and special jackets for bagpipes. These jackets always use with bagpipes. The prince Charlie jackets and other Scottish jackets are kilt jackets for kilt outfits while the doublet or highland jackets are only designed for bagpipes. The doublet jackets are divided into two further main categories according to the liking of the customers i.e, fancy doublets and piper doublets.

These highland jackets are the quality jackets and these highland jackets are mostly worn by highlanders. These are the premium design jackets as you can see the designs and embroidery work on the front side. Furthermore, these quality jackets are manufactured with the pure wool.

Bagpipes In Highland Jackets

The Bagpipes plays a vital role in the Highland jackets. Without bagpipes there is no reason of wearing highland jackets. The bagpipes are the musical instrument which is made with the pure African wood which is the highest quality wood. Our company not only selling highland jackets but also high quality musical instruments such as bagpipes and harp.

All these musical instruments are made with the expensive wood, and high in pitch. If you want to buy the best quality bagpipe along with the highland jackets or doublet jackets then you should buy these things from us at a good price.

Real Wool in Highland Jackets

Our kilt company uses real wool for making highland jackets. We never compromise on the quality of our products. Not only doublet jackets or highland jackets are made with real wool but also other quality jackets such as prince Charlie jackets and brian boru jackets. So, don’t worry about the quality of our double jackets, all Scottish and highland jackets are available in the best quality.

Customization Facility

We also offer full customization facility in our highland jackets, so if you want some changes in the design of the highland jackets then don’t worry, contact us on our email address. Our representative will help you in this matter and did not charge you a single penny for customization.

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