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Tweed Kilts

The tweed kilts are the kilts which is made with the tweed fabric. The tweed kilt is the premium wool kilt. These kilts have same features as utility style or traditional style kilts. These premium kilts are for those customers who wanted to wear wool clothing. Our makers always purchased the real tweed fabric for making the kilts. These tweed kilts are made according to the Scottish standards. You will never disappointed whenever you buy high quality tweed kilts from us.

Harris Tweed Kilt

The Harris tweed kilt is the premium kilt which we have in our stock. The Harris tweed kilt is the finest wool kilt which have belt loops and straps. We uses brass hardware for adjustable fitting. Furthermore, we also provide options for adding two inside pockets with the traditional Harris kilt tweed.

Tweed Fabrics

We have wide range of tweed fabrics in which we not only making Scottish kilts but also kilt tweed jackets, tweed Sporrans, tweed tie, tweed hat and other Highland accessories. Our tweed kilt jackets are superior quality jackets which you can wear at wedding ceremonies.

We have every natural color tweed fabric available i.e, grey tweed, red tweed, white tweed , black tweed and other attractive colors. We also have checked tweeds for those who like to wear modern dresses in tweeds.

Custom Made Tweed kilts For Men

Our Scottish kilt company also offers custom made tweed kilts for men. These kilt tweeds for sale provides a lot of customization facitlity to the clients. If you want 4 belt loops or a side pockets like pants then you can give us instructions. We can also use leather straps and can make your Sporran according to  your required style.

Our UK Kilt company provides full freedom to the customers but we do not demand extra charges. All work is performed efficiently that is why our woven tweed kilts are much appreciated in USA, Germany and other European countries.

Hybrid Tweed Kilts

We are the pioneer who offer hybrid tweed kilts for our customers. We provide a lot of color options for the customers. You can choose tartans, wools and tweed colors in which do you want your kilt. Now if you are a mens tweed kilt lover and wanted to wear a modern tweed kilt then don’t need to worry. You can choose the tweed fabric and style of the kilts in our hybrid mens kilt category section. Our hybrid tweed kilts also stitched perfectly by follow the guidelines of the Scottish kilt standards.

Durable Kilts

Our Scottish tweed kilts for sale are durable and gives you long lasting result. These kilt tweeds are made with the woven fabric, so you don’t need to worry about the wear and tear of the fabric. Our Scottish tweed kilts are highest quality kilts for men.

Best Price

The Scottish tweed kilts are expensive kilts than traditional or utility kilts because we uses tweed fabric for making that kilts. Although it is an expensive fabric but our prices are lower than other expensive brand kilt stores. So, if you are looking for a perfect kilt tweed for your favorite place then must try UK Kilt.

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Men's Kilts

Brown Wool Kilt

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