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Casual Kilt

Casual Kilt hence the name suggests it is the simple kilts or plain kilts which any female can wear in daily life. This is the simplest form of the kilt which is also called a traditional women kilt. This simple casual kilt is not only made in tartan fabric as many women casual kilts made in it. This type of kilt for women is made in every available fabric i.e, cotton, wool, tweed, leather, denim and tartan. The style and design of this women kilt casual is same as the traditional women kilt.

You can wear these kilts for shopping at any grocery store. You can also wear casual kilt wear at home and at casual friends’ meetings. These kilts are looked like skirts which you can wear easily. These are also very comfortable kilts as you can go anywhere without any problem. These kilts never create a problem while you are on the job or at work. Our women’s casual kilts are designed in such a way that it gives you freedom.

Women Casual Kilts

Furthermore, beautiful stitching has been done by our trained workers. If you are a kilt lover then you would admire our handmade women kilt outfits. For the fastening of these women’s kilts, our workers have used straps with antiqued metal buckles. It gives you a better fit than pants or other trousers. Our casual kilts are more durable than kilts for men which you see in the online kilt store.

Moreover, we all know that women love clothes, especially skirts or kilts. We are selling our hand-made casual kilts at a very low price. Now buying a casual kilt is not a dream anymore. You can easily select your design and style and wear it at casual parties and at home.

Affordable Casual Kilts

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Casual Kilt Outfit

The casual kilt outfit is the outfit which involves the traditional tartan or cotton kilt. This is the women kilt outfit in which kilt wear also worn fly plaid, flashes and sometimes Earasaid , arasaid or Arisaid. It is the complete outfit for women which is the best outfit for Scottish weddings.

Earasaid , arasaid or Arisaid

These three terminology meaning the same. The Earasaid is the full length woven garment which is worn over the body. It is same as the Great kilt for the men. Hence, it is designed for females. You can wear the same way as in the Great kilt.

Casual Formal Style Kilt

The casual kilt is the formal style kilt for the women. This formal kilt is best for the wedding. If you are a true Scottish heritage lover then you should wear tartan women kilt at weddings and other ceremonies. We have a lot of formal style kilt for the women, you can choose your favorite one among them.

Contemporary Kilts

The contemporary kilts are the casual kilt style. It is same as the traditional style of wearing the kilt. The contemporary kilts for women are ideal for the traditional kilt wearer. We have a lot of contemporary kilts or simple kilts available for the women.

Traditional Kilt

The casual kilt is the pure traditional kilt for women. It do not have pockets and other metallic hardware which available in the stylish or modern kilt for women. The traditional women kilts are soft and light weight.

Kilt Hose

For casual kilt outfit wearer, the kilt hose is must. It is the long Scottish socks which is the essential part of the casual kilt outfit. Every highlander should wear it at every Scottish event.

Ceilidh Dancing

The casual kilt wear is best for ceilidh dancing. Many ceilidh dancers always worn casual form women kilt at particular events. If you are a Scottish or ceilidh dancer and wanted to ceilidh dancing then you should try our casual kilt.

Can a woman wear a kilt?

Yes, every women can wear a Scottish kilt. The traditional Scottish kilt is the women skirt which is designed for every women.


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Women Camel Tartan Kilt

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Women Casual Skirt

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Scottish Women White Kilt

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New Scottish Women Kilt

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Womens Purple Kilt

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Kilts for Women

Women Scottish Kilt

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Kilts for Women

Orange Utility Women Kilt

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