How To Make A Kilt Costume?

How To Make A Kilt Costume?

Are you want to wear a Scottish kilt for an event or new year party? The kilt has always been a precious costume for any event. Making a kilt costume is not an easy as it looks, it is the professional art of making a kilt. We are discussing how to make a kilt costume, so you can also understand the art of making kilts for men. We are discussing step by step approach to understanding this art easily.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Well, in order to know How To Make A Kilt Costume? You must-have materials and tools as these are the basic requirement for making a kilt costume.

How To Make A Kilt Costume


  • Interfacing is optional
  • Cloth (Can be cotton, leather or tartan)
  • Leather straps that fit buckles
  • Buckles


  • Scissors required for cutting cloth and threads
  • Iron for ironing the cloth
  • Drill
  • Sewing pins
  • Calculator (For accurate measurement)
  • A sewing machine helps in nice stitching
  • For measurement: Measuring tape
  • Chalk is necessary to draw the area for cutting

Step 2: Kilt Measurements

Kilt measurement is important for knowing the accurate size of a kilt which the customer wants to wear. Before cutting the cloth it is vital to measure the kilt. The essential steps for measuring the kilt are given below

  1. Waist Size Measurement
  2. Hip Size Measurement
  3. Kilt Length Measurement

1-  Waist Size Measurement

This is the first step in which measuring tape is required. The measuring tape should be used at the waist or belly button. Normally mostly people fasten the kilt at the belly button.

2- Hip Size Measurement

It is the second important step in which the measuring tape moves in your hip. In this measurement, the widest part of the hip must be measured properly.

3- Measure the Length Size

In this part, the measuring tape would be measured at the start of the fastening point to the down to the top knee. The default Drop length for males is 24″ and for females is 20″.

Step 3: Calculating the Cloth Length

Well, this is the hardest part of making the kilt because you have to decide how pleated you want and how wide to make the apron. After that, calculate the total length.

  • Decide on the Apron width: It is the front part of the kilt and it is vital to decide the accurate width size of the Apron. Well, we will explain to you with the example, if your hip size is 47.5″ means an apron of about 21.5″. You can use the calculator for accurate apron measurement
  • Decide pleat pattern:  You must know how deep and wide pleat you want in a kilt. It depends on you which type of pattern you want.
  • Calculate the number of pleats: After deciding the pleat pattern, you must calculate the number of pleats and for this, you can take the help of a calculator for exact measurement.

Step 4: Cutting and Hemming

After knowing how much cloth you need, then the next step is to cut the required area. After cutting, fold the 1″ of the kilt and sew it by using a sewing machine.

Step 5: Front Apron

How To Make A Kilt Costume

Now you have to cut all edges of the apron which you have measured. You must use a sewing machine for fine stitching of the edge of the apron

Step 6: The Pleated Length

How To Make A Kilt Costume

The pleated length is important for you, it needs measurement from the front side and backside and from top to bottom. The calculator must be used for accurate and exact pleated length measurements.

Step 7: Edging

It is also an important step and your iron must be hot for ironing the edges. You must also use the sewing machine for proper stitch at the edges.

Step 8: Iron the Pleats

How To Make A Kilt Costume

The pleats must be ironed properly. You iron must be hot, so it properly iron the each and every pleat from the front side as well as at the backside.

Step 9: Add the Buckles and Straps

How To Make A Kilt Costume

It is the final step for making a kilt costume. You must add antique rust-free buckles and straps with your new kilt. Every kilt is complete without the addition of this above stuff.

Step 10: All Done

Now you can able to know How To Make A Kilt Costume? It is now easy for you if you want to make a kilt costume.