Tips: How do I wear a kilt?

Tips How do I wear Kilt

It would be best to wrap the kilts with the pleats at the back and the apron at the front. In the case of a tartan kilt, the fringe should be on your right.

Traditionally, a kilt is supposed to be worn high at the waist above the navel, causing it to fall to mid-knee length. If you are a person who likes to wear kilts for sale in modern style, you can try Utility Kilt or Leather Kilt.

Kilt jacket and vest

Whether you opt for a three or 5-button waistcoat or prefer a Prince Charlie Jacket with a waistcoat, you should always keep your kilt in mind. As a whole, Kilt and Kilt jackets should complement each other.

Shirt and tie

Usually, the Ghillie shirt is worn with a kilt. The Ghillie Shirt is a traditional loose-fitting shirt and does not require you to wear a tie because its leather laces can be fastened on the left side or left hanging down the front of the shirt.

However, if you wear a simple formal shirt with a kilt to match your kilt, you should get a matching tie.

No matter what shirt you choose, it should always be tucked into a kilt.

Kilt accessories

Here are the kilt accessories you should include when deciding on the perfect kilt wear.


Here it depends on your choice and preferences. However, you can go through our Sporran Guide and choose which sporran is good for you. We have a collection of Leather Sporran, Fur Sporran, and Horse Hair Sporran.

Fly Plaid & Brooch

Fly Plaid is the perfect way to add formality and understatedness to your tartan kilt. It gives you a clean traditional look and makes you stand out in the crowd.

Usually, the plaid should match your kilt. You can secure the fly plaid to the jacket with a checkered brooch.

Kilt Pin

The Kilt Pin is used for both decorative and functional purposes. It adds to your kilt’s style and prevents the front of your tartan kilt from opening up.

Please do not use the kilt pin to hold your kilt closed as it could damage the fabric of your kilt and change how it hangs. You can add the buckle to the upper right side of the kilt.


The zippers are worn on the side of the calf to help your hose fall off. The garter must be hidden behind the upper part of the hose. They are great for adding an extra pop of color to your outfit. On the Kilt and Jack, you can choose flashes of matching colors for your Scottish kilt.


Like other accessories, your kilt hose should complement the color of your kilt and jacket. We let you choose the perfect hose for your kilt in different designs.


It would be best if you had a pair of brogues perfect for various occasions. It can be perfect for a casual look.

We recommend that you tie laces in a half-pull – twist three to four times and then wrap them around the calf twice before trying them on the side.

Sgian Dubh

If you are looking for all things traditional, you should have Sgian Dubh as it is a must. It should be tucked into your hose on both legs, on the calf side. Make sure the top of the handle should protrude from the top of the hose.


How to properly put on a kilt?

1 Customize the Kilt Start by wearing a kilt around the waist with pleats down the back.

2 Attach the kilt After placing the kilt, attach the kilts by switching the left and suitable aprons together.

3 Adjust and secure the Kilt

How do you wear a garter with a kilt hose?

Put on kilt hose, suspenders (elastic band), and flashes (colored ribbons). Generally, keep the flares with a kilt that matches. Before tackling the other two pieces, pull the kilt hose, which resembles knee pads, over the knee. Fasten the garter and flashes just below the knee.

What to wear with a kilt in Scotland?

You need to get a ghillie brogue, a conventional type of shirt worn with kilts. This shirt is usually worn on its own, although if you want to add more formal accessories such as a long tie or bow tie, it’s best to get a traditional collared shirt.