How To Make A Kilt?

How to make a kilt?

Scottish kilt is the apparel and a cultural dress for the Scottish. This apparel has a plain front apron and a pleated backside. It is the wrapping garment that is different from other garments. The kilt is an elegant garment, but making requires a lot of practice. Our measuring guide is very easy and helpful for everyone. Making kilts for those who wanted to make authentic high-quality Scottish kilts. Note important points in your notebook then you can make standard quality kilts.

Making the traditional or utility style kilt requires practice. Our helping guide is easy as 1,2,3, so every new person. By practicing well, you can make the standard quality kilts.

Kilt Making

In the past, making a kilt is not as easy as it needs more patience and time. However, making it requires much experience and practice. Kilt making is an art. By learning this art, you can make a perfect kilt. This perfect kilt you can wear at various places.

How To Make A Kilt?

We are going to explain step-by-step guide to making a kilt. You must have the required things for making the best quality kilt.

  • Choose the right tartan pattern
  • Measurement
  • Making the Pleats
  • Straps And Buckles
  • Choose the right tartan pattern

Choose the right tartan pattern

Clans and rich Scottish families have their own tartan patterns. You can wear a clan pattern according to your family. There are more than 500 tartan patterns available for you. You can choose any color if you did not have a clan family background.

Some Scottish regiments have their own tartan patterns. There are some universal patterns by which you can also choose your tartan. Some popular patterns are Hunting Stewart, Black Watch, and Pride of Scotland.


Measuring the kilt size is very important. No one wants to wear the wrong size kilts. Accurate kilt measurement is necessary. There is an important point, the kilt size is always larger than the pant size. If you have your shorts or jeans, then don’t measure that size for kilt cutting.

Following are the three measurements you are supposed to take;

  • Waist Size Measurement
  • Measure your Hip Size
  • Measure your Kilt Length

1- Measure your Waist Size

You must stay erect with normal breath in order to waist size measurement. Put the measuring tape around your body and placed it on the belly button. The belly button is the area Where most kilts are worn. The kilt has always been 2-4 inches wider than pant size.

2- Measure the Hip Size

The hip measurement is important for people who have a wider hip. Your friend must place the measuring tape at the widest part of the hip. In that scenario, you must stand erect for the proper hip measurement.

3- Measure the Length Size

In this measurement, your friend places the measuring tape from the waist down to the knee. The size of the length varies from person to person. However, the default length size is 24 inches for men and 20 inches for women.

Making the Pleats

Now, after measuring the size, you have to pleat. A deep pleat is important for a beautiful look of the kilt. You have to calculate each pleat carefully and repeat that pattern.


This is an additional step if you are making the utility-style kilt. In this step, the 8-inch deep pocket must be cut down. That pocket must sew with the sewing machine. Remember, you must use the same matching thread as before. You can use detachable and flap pockets according to the requirement.

Straps And Buckles

Adding straps and buckles to a kilt is very important. These are important things with the Scottish kilt. We have used leather straps with rust-free buckles every time with our tartan kilts, but it is by your choice. You can now able to know How To Make A Kilt easily.


This is our easiest guide for making traditional-style kilts. By practicing, again and again, you can not only able to make these traditional kilts but also can able to make modern design kilts such as denim kilts, Gothic kilts, firefighter kilts, etc. One important thing is you must use the matching thread and best stitching machines for making every Scottish kilt. If you like this article, on how to make a kilt, then share it with your friends, family members, and other colleagues.