How To Make A Tartan

How To Make A Tartan

Making a tartan is not an easy task for most of the people as it needs skills and practice. You must also know each color of the tartan, so you able to make that tartan accordingly. Tartan associated with Scottish and Irish culture. Now a day it is the premium cloth which is used to make different things. We can make a blanket, cushion cover, shawl, kilt, Trews, coat and so on.  The tartan is made of wool and widely used in almost every country. Tartan is a woven cloth that consists of a criss-cross pattern which is known as the sett. It is recognized as a symbol of Scottish heritage. In Scotland, the tartan is used to create bagpipes, Scottish kilts, scarfs, and other fashion items.

How To Make A Tartan

Making a tartan needs lengthy and highly specialized process. This process remains unchanged from the decades. This is the traditional way to make tartans. From dyeing to the weaving process every process is important in order to make a tartan. There are more than 500 varieties of tartans in UKKILT have woven every year.  We daily craft tartan from Blackwatch to Royal Stewart for our traditional tartan lovers. We have a specialized team of skilled artisans who works on the production of beautiful tartans.

Basic Steps

We are going to discuss the following steps which are necessary for making a tartan.

  • Winding
  • Dyeing
  • Warping
  • Weaving
  • Darning
  • Finishing


It is the first process for tartan marking, in this process, we wind the ecru yarn onto special flexible cones. These cones use in the dyeing process.

How To Make A Tartan


We have wide yarn color recipes and our experienced staff used these colors for dyeing. Below is the working of the dyeing process.

  • The dye colors apply to the water
  • After the drain, the yarn will place into a spin dryer. The duration time for drying is 12-15 mins.
  • Next step is to transfer to the drying oven
  • The temperature of the oven must set at 160 degrees

Now the newly dyed yarn is wound from flexible cones into harder ones. These hard ones are used in the next tartan making process.

How To Make A Tartan


The next step is to construct the warp yarn pattern of the fabric. In this way, it creates the width of the fabric and the sett. It repeats in a sequence of the full width of the warp. However, cones back in the color order. The whole process once completed, the wrap is then wound into a separate beam. Now it will transfer to the warping machine to the weaving machine.

How To Make A Tartan


This is an important process because, in this process, we can make woven fabric. However, with the help of shaft and a reed, each warp yarn produces onto the loom. The warp yarns pull through the correct shafts and then the correct weave structure across the cloth.


This is the process that makes you ensure that each color and each thread on the right place and that the weaving structure is as it should be.

How To Make A Tartan


It is the final process and in this process when the fabric comes out, it goes through a variety of different processes. Moreover, we wash all fabrics and close up the fabric structure. Well, we can create a wide collection of fabrics and accessories for many different uses.