How To Wear A Mini Tartan Sash

The mini tartan sash is made of wool and it is the ideal solution for those women who don’t want to wear a full tartan sash. The tartan sash easily sits on the shoulder and can be easy to pin. The tartan sash is designed for everyone. A child and an old lady or men can also wear the tartan sash. There are over 500 tartans of hundreds of clans in which we can make a sash. A tartan sash is basically a small piece of tartan that is fixed by a brooch.

Do men wear tartan sashes?

Yes, tartan sashes are not only for girls, but men can also wear them.  A tartan sash is a sign of pride and every man can wear it on the left shoulder. It can be fixed by a brooch and you can wear a mini tartan sash at any place you like.

Which way should a sash be worn?

The tartan mini sash can be worn on the left side or the right side of the shoulder. Many people love to wear sashes on the left shoulder. Well, historically there is no evidence to wear the tartan mini sash on the right shoulder.

How To Wear A Mini Tartan Sash

However, the method of wearing sashes was significant even two centuries ago. Nowadays there is no legal significance on wearing light scarves or sashes in any particular manner. A mini tartan sash is a little tartan which enhances your personality in front of the huge crowd. It makes you something special when you attached this light scarf to your outfit.

Steps on How to wear A Mini Tartan Sash

There are following steps which must be followed in order to know how to wear a mini tartan kilt

  • Choose sash in tartan or silk
  • Choose the tartan color
  • Right shoulder or left shoulder
  • Bow or rosette design

Choose sash in tartan or silk

First of all, you have to decide in which material you want a mini sash. The Scottish and Canadian people love to wear mini sashes in tartan material. Other nations, people may prefer silk sash but it is by your choice.

Choose the tartan color

If you wanted to wear a tartan slash, then you must have to select a tartan color in which you want to wear a mini tartan sash. However, there are more than 500 tartans available from hundreds of clans. You can choose those sashes which match with your outfits, a tattoo will be good.

Right shoulder or left shoulder

It is an important step, after deciding the color, you have to choose to wear a mini tartan sash on which shoulder.  However, there is no evidence available that gives a clear indication of which shoulder it must be worn. Furthermore, there are many people loves to wear on the left shoulder, but it is by your choice.

Bow or rosette design

You can decide which style of sash you want. Many people love the rosette style because it gives an attractive look. Moreover, for any sash style, you need an elastic band and a brooch or pin.

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