How To Sit In A Kilt

How To Sit In A Kilt

The kilt is not just the apparel, it is the complete dress. You can wear only a kilt to the meeting with your shirt, you don’t need to add other things such as a coat, tie, belt, etc. You must wear underwear with other bottoms such as trousers, jeans, and dress pants but this unique bottom wear allows you to wear this apparel without underwear. Wearing the kilts in the commando form is always good for a healthy life and it is also the true way of wearing the Scottish clan kilts.

It is necessary to understand How to sit in a kilt on a chair or sofa because it is always challenging for those kilt lovers who wear kilts without underwear. Our guide will help you sort out this major problem

It is challenging for the wearer to stop exposing the body part. As this is the open apparel, so there are more chances that some part of the body may be visible to other people; Sitting on a chair is an important understanding for everyone whether you are a Scottish or just a learner. By properly sitting on a chair, your body will not be exposed and the pleats will not damage. However, you can apply this helpful guide with every fabric kilt but we take the Tartan kilt here as an example.

How To Sit In A Kilt

Major Issues While Sit With A Kilt

Sitting in a kilt on a chair, sofa or a car seat is always challenging for the traditional kilt lovers or those who like to wear bottom wears without underwear. Although freedom is good and health doctors always insist to wear loose-fitting wear but there are two major concerns that may be faced by the majority of the kilt wearers.

  • Pleats damaging
  • Exposing body

Pleats damaging:

Pleats will damage when you did not sit properly on a chair or a stool. This is not as simple apparel as others you may see in your life. The Scottish kilt is the apparel that has more pleats than other bottoms and these pleats are the true beauty of the kilt. While sitting on a kilt, the pleat covering is very important. If you sit without covering the pleats or sit ordinarily on the sofa then your pleats may damage and wrinkles appear. Proper sitting will never damage your pleats.

Exposing body:

This is the major concern for the kilt wearer because the kilt is designed in such a way that your lower body parts may be exposed in front of people. The jeans and trousers are the complete bottom wears which never exposed your body but when you sitting on a chair with your clan kilt than might your body may be exposed. By properly sitting on a chair, your body will not be exposed and you can do everything you do wearing jeans.

How To Sit In A Kilt

How To Sit In A Kilt

This is a very important guide for the traditional kilt wearers, you must have a notebook and a pen in order to note down important points. By understanding our kilt sitting guide, you will easily sit on a chair or a sofa without any issue.

  • Approach your seat
  • Smooth your pleats
  • Sit down on a kilt
  • Position your legs
  • Press Down The Sporran
  • Use A Kilt Pin
  • Beware Of Surroundings

Approach your seat

First of all, walk to that place where you want to sit, it may be a sofa, car seat or a chair. After reaching that place, you must turn. Your backside of the legs should touch the sofa or a chair and the sofa or chair seat must be beneath your hip. Remember, your back legs should touch the chair or a sofa where you want to sit.

Smooth your pleats

In this step, you must smooth your pleats by using both hands. Make sure your kilt pleats should be smooth and flat, never sit without smoothing the chair, it may damage your pleats.

Sit down on a kilt

After smoothing your pleats, you must sit down in such a way that the pleats must be beneath your hip. You must sit indirectly on your chair, your hip should touch the pleats.

Position your legs

Cross leg positions are uncomfortable so you must spread your legs. By spreading, the lower part of the body will not visible.

Press Down The Sporran

The sporran is very helpful in order to stop exposing the body part. While sitting on your chair, you must press down the Sporran at the center of the front apron. The Sporran has weight and it helps in covering the lower body part.

Use A Kilt Pin

The kilt pin also has a weight and works in the same way as Sporran. So, if you need additional weight on the front apron, you can use the kilt pin.

Beware Of Surroundings

You must beware of your surroundings as your body shall not be exposed. You should check your pleats and kilts every few minutes.

Final Words

This helping guide is helpful for learners as well as kilt wearers. By understanding thoroughly you will be able to understand How To Sit In A Kilt? our measuring guide designed according to the trading standards.