How To Make A Kilt Skirt

How To Make A Kilt Skirt

The kilt skirt is attractive apparel that is not only designed for men but also for females. Hence the kilt skirt word comes from traditional or casual skirts. The skirt is only designed for the female and they can wear it at parties, pubs, and other specific places while the kilt skirt is designed for everyone but especially men who like to wear it. Furthermore, the kilt skirt is for each place i.e, you can even wear the kilt skirt at your home and other places.

A kilt skirt is an advanced form of traditional skirt that has more pleats at the backside and males love to wear these kilt skirts. These kilt skirts are made with cotton, leather, acrylic wool, and denim fabrics.

What Is A Kilt Skirt

The kilt skirt is the wrapping apparel like other renowned apparel and it has two sides backside and the front side. However, the most attractive side is the backside which makes this kilt skirt a stunning look. This modern skirt is made with many fabrics but the most wearable fabric is the tartan. Every family has its own tartan and mostly wears the kilt skirts according to their clan.

How To Wear Kilt Skirt

The traditional kilt skirt is the basic dress for the highlanders. This traditional kilt skirt is very easy to worn because it is wrapping apparel. The plain or unpleated part of the kilt must be placed at your front body side while the pleated part of the kilt must be placed at the backside of your body. The way to wearing the kilt skirt in this way is acceptable worldwide and it shows the Scottish heritage. You can add Sporran, a leather belt with buckle, and a kilt pin to enhance your personality.

How To Make A Kilt Skirt

How To Make A Kilt Skirt

Making a kilt skirt is fun and easy but you must understand thoroughly and note down important points in your notebook. Our kilt skirt-making guide will solve the important question of How To Make A Kilt Skirt. Our making guide is for beginner makers who wanted to start the journey in the kilt field.

Before starting, you must know that the making of kilt skirts required more fabric than pants and trousers. The kilt skirts are being made in yards. You may need 4 yards to 8-yard fabric for making a simple kilt that is why for making the traditional kilt, you must have to purchase the excess fabric.

Now we are going to discuss the making of a kilt skirt in the easy wording, so anyone can easily understand.

Tartan Fabric

In this kilt skirt-making guide, we are going to make a kilt skirt with tartan fabric. So, you must have an understanding of this type of fabric. It is a fabric made with wool or acrylic wool and has criss-cross patterns. A tartan can be a single color but mostly it consists of two or more thread colors. Royal families have their own tartans and they feel pride whenever they wear kilts and other things in that fabric. You must choose the right tartan before starting cutting and hemming. You can also try popular tartans such as Blackwatch, Royal Stewart, Ramsay Blue, etc.

How To Make A Kilt Skirt


Measurement is an important factor, as it helps in understanding how much fabric would be required for making the kilt skirt. Improper or no measurement will not make your kilt right

Waist Size Measurement

The waist size is the most important measurement and that’s where the problem begins. You must take a few valuable minutes for this measurement, it would be good for you. For this measurement, wrap the measuring tape around your waist, you must stand erect and breathe normally for measurement. In this case, you will know your kilt waist measurement and kilt measurement is probably 2-4 inches more than jeans and shorts.

Hip Measurement

This measurement is for those people who have wider hips. In this measurement, you must measure with the biggest part of your buttocks and note the measurements in your notebook.

Length Measurement

The length of the kilt skirt starts from the waist or belly button and ends at the knee cap.  This is the traditional way for the kilt length measurement but nowadays everyone set their own length for the kilt skirts. 

Calculate The Material

The calculation is important and the most important calculation is of pleats. For this calculation, you must measure the width of the pattern and an inch e.g, if the width of the tartan pattern is 7 inches then 7+1=8 inches of the fabric of tartan is required for each pleat. If your total pleats will be 20 then multiply by 8 would be the total fabric required for making pleats.

Hem The Material

After calculating, you must cut the fabric and hem them with the standard sewing machine. You must use the matching thread for hemming.

Ironing The pleats

The iron should be neither too hot nor too cold, moderate heat is better on the pleats. 

Adding A Waist Band

There is a simple calculation of waistband, whatever the waist, you must add an inch to the waist. It will be your waistband for that particular kilt.


The stitching is very important, you must use the same fabric for stitching on pleats, straps, and waistband. 

Adding Straps And Buckles

Straps and buckles are the compulsory part of the traditional tartan kilt because, without them, you cannot fasten your kilt. You must add original leather straps and brass hardware with your kilt for a long time result.

Final Words

By reading this kilt skirt article, you can able to understand How To Make A Kilt Skirt. If you like this kilt skirt-making article, then share it with your friends and family members.