How To Wear A Mens Scottish Sash?

What is a sash?

A sash is usually a large material ribbon that is worn around the body. A sash not only for Scottish people, but these sash can also be worn by anyone as it shows pride. It indicates a high rank or status. It is worn from one shoulder to the opposing hip while some can wear around the waist  The waist sash is the daily attire while the sash from one shoulder to the opposite hip wear on special occasions. These types of sashes look like a big necklace and these sashes make you different and attractive in the crowd.

How To Wear A Mens Scottish Sash?

A Scottish Sash is a great way to show little tartan on any outfit. Small tartan design always is an eye-catching look for every viewer as sash makes you a celebrity or different personality among others. You can wear at marriage ceremonies, parties, night clubs, clan walk, a sash can make you special. Every fashion lover wants to wear a sash on his or her outfit but many of them don’t know how to wear it properly. We are going to explain How To Wear A Mens Scottish Sash?

How To Wear A Mens Scottish Sash?
First of all, you have the right sash to wear. There are plenty of types of sashes as some are made in traditional wool while some are made in silk material. It is up to you to decide which one you like to wear with your outfit. If you choose tartan then there are also beautiful tartan colors.

You can match the best tartan color with your outfit. At UKkilt, there is a massive collection of the clan and generic tartans. At our websites there are wide range of tartans. After selecting the tartan, you must select the length of the tartan cloth which you want to wear on the shoulders. Measure properly by using a measuring tape or you may take help from the calculator. You can wear a sash at the shoulder with a pin or brooch. Here are the steps you must follow:-

  • Fold the sash
  • Fold the sash again
  • Gather the folds of fabric in the center
  • Use Elastic band
  • Add a brooch or pin
  • A rosette style

Fold the sash

In this step, you have to fold the full piece of the tartan which is the first and important step

Fold the sash again

In the next step, you have to fold the sash one more time, it is important to get multiple layers.

Gather the folds of fabric in the center

The third step is to gather the folds of the fabric in the center area.

Use Elastic band

Now there is the use of an elastic band to secure the center area of the fabric.

Add a brooch or pin

The sash itself never been beautiful, it is a simple tartan cloth. In order to make any sash attractive, there is a need for a brooch or pin. It is used over the elastic band which forms a big bow.

A rosette style

This is indeed a very attractive design and if you need that design, you have to pull out the folded layers. In this way, it can form a more circular shape