How To Wrap A Kilt Like Outlander?

The history of the kilt goes back to the 16th century when there is a full-length garment that is used to cover the whole body. At that time there was no concept of small kilt or modern kilt. The full-length garment is made of tartan which has ancient tartan colors. This ancient style kilt also names as great kilt or Breacan a Fhéilidh or Feileadh Mòr. Earlier highland soldiers and other common Scottish were wearing this kilt until the 18th century.

History of Outlander Dress

The earlier Outlander clothing almost the same design and color because there was no evolution of tartan kilts and other kilts. These are lengthy kilt and made with wool as wool was easily available at that time. This woolen cloth has been made up of two looms width. Each loom width varies from 27 inches to 30 inches.

To make a traditional tartan kilt in that time, the two looms must be stitched together. In this way, they give a total width of 54 inches 60 inches. The length of this garment is up to 7 yards. However, this garment was gathered up into pleats. This great kilt uses the wide belt in order to fasten the kilt.

How To Wrap A Kilt Like Outlander?

Well, the popularity of a great kilt comes to an end in 1746. The government banned not only a great kilt, but also every type of Highland dress which includes tartan, plaid, etc. The government announces imprisoned for 6 months whoever wear any highland dress. If someone again caught for wearing a Highland dress than the more strict action was taken.

How To Wrap A Kilt Like Outlander?

If you are Scottish or you love Scottish culture, then you must wrap the whole kilt on your body and drop one part on the shoulder to become a true Outlander. Wearing a kilt on the body is easy as fun.

Deciding the Tartan

As it is the traditional dress, you must choose tartan according to your clan. If you don’t have tartan then choose any modern tartan which includes Rob Roy tartan, Royal Stewart tartan, Black watch and Braveheart tartan and so on.

Fold and pleats The tartan

After deciding the tartan, now you have to spread the full length of the tartan on the fold. Now that full-length garment will be pleating from the center. This process has been done by the hands and furthermore, you have to leave both arm’s lengths unpleated. In this way, the center of the tartan cloth folded into the pleats.

Use Belt for fastening the tartan cloth

Now fold the unpleated sides and slide your belt under the tartan cloth. The belt must be of good quality. The next step is to lay down on the top of the tartan cloth and fold the right unpleated end over the body, then fold the left end over the front of the body. Further, fasten the belt and stand up. Half of the tartan drop from one shoulder to become an Outlander look.

Now, this is the Outlander fashion, the way the Outlanders wear the traditional tartan kilt. If you are a Scottish lover then you must wrap the kilt like an Outlander.