How To Pleat A Kilt

A kilt is the traditional Scottish dress that looks like a skirt if someone doesn’t know the term kilt. It is different in shape and design than shorts or pants. The main difference between a pant and a kilt is the pleat. Pant did not have pleats, not look like a skirt.

On the other hand, a kilt is incomplete without a pleat. Pleat is the beauty of the kilt, if the kilt has more pleats then it will be more attractive to watch. One important thing about the ordinary skirt and a pleat. A skirt has fewer pleats or sometimes women’s wear the skirt without a pleat but a kilt has more pleats than a skirt. The kilts are a unique fashion that is spreading very fast. There are some questions which may be asked by the people of many countries.

How To Pleat A Kilt?

A kilt is basically an advanced form of a women’s skirt. The kilt is the wrapped skirt. Every kilt is pleated from the backside. Sewing machines have been used and this work has been done by professional kilt-makers. The pleating can be done “to the sett” and “to the stripe”, it depends on your choice. There is a simple calculation for pleating, e.g., if the size of the sett was 8 inches, one pleat would use 9 inches.

Are kilts pleated?

However, kilts can be pleated, either to the sett or the strip because in this way the tartan pattern is preserved in the pleating. Each pleat has been separately pleated. Furthermore, the traditionally civilian kilts were pleated to the sett while the kilts of the military people were pleated to the stripe. It depends on your likeness and style of pleating.

Which way do the pleats go on a kilt?

Well, there is a very simple method for wearing the kilt. You must wrap the kilt around your body in such a way that the pleats of the kilt were on the backside and the apron of the kilt would overlap at the front. However, the fringes should fall to your right side. A kilt must be worn on your waist or at the belly button and drop down to the top of the knee or where you want.

How many pleats are in a kilt?

However, there is no exact calculation of a number of pleats in a kilt. It varies from kilt to kilt, e.g., in the Lochiel tartan kilt, seven box pleats contains in four yards cloth. On the other hand, a MacDuff kilt contains only six very wide box pleats in four yards of cloth. These traditional tartan kilts were worn by real Scottish Highlanders, soldiers or civilians, for daily wear.

Why a four-yard box pleated kilt?

There are several reasons:

1) The main reason is that it is the historical form of pleating and that is why many people are wearing the kilt for reasons of heritage and tradition.

2) This type of kilt is less expensive as compared to knife pleated kilts.

3) It is more comfortable and lighter kilt than other kilts.