Our essential guide on how to wear a Kilt

how to wear a kilt

Our essential guide on how to wear a kilt!

The only question our customers often ask us is how to wear the kilt and various accessories once received. If you’re unfamiliar with kilts or haven’t worn one since you were a child, this may seem like a long time coming, but help is still needed! We’ve developed an essential guide to wearing your new outfit. We’ve divided this guide into a variety of kilt accessories so you can go step by step and at your own pace. This guide will make sure you get off to a great start for your function!

1) The Kilt

Of course, the kilt is an integral part of your outfit and we recommend that you start with it when you get dressed. The kilt is not closed and is wrapped around the torso with pleats on its back. The buckle in your right hand goes through the hole on the left side of the kilt. Then the boxes in your left hand are tied to the right side of the kilt. The kilt should stick out fairly, but you should be able to easily insert 2 fingers into the waistband. The kilt should sit above the navel, not above the waist.

2) Shirt and tie

Depending on the function you are attending, there are combinations of different shirts and ties to match!

Ghillie Shirt – This is a traditional Jacobite shirt with a leather tie hanging down. It is usually worn in less formal occasions or in the evening after a party.

Wing collar shirt with bow tie – This is a formal shirt with pointed collar and matching bow tie. It is usually worn for more elaborate formal occasions such as dinner.

3) Jacket and vest

Now you are ready to wear the kilt jacket and vest. The 3 most popular jacket styles to choose from are Prince Charlie Jacket, Black Argyle Jacket and Tweed Argyle Jacket.

4) Kilt belt

The kilt belt is worn on the upper part of the kilt, but not across the kilt loops. The kilt belt is usually worn in the absence of a vest. The kilt belt does not fasten without a kilt box.

5) Kilt buckle

Our kilt boxes are made with the same fasteners and fit all our kilt belts. Just pass the leather strap through the belt and buckle and then tie it. The kilt belt and buckle are then clipped together to leave you with an authentic looking design. We have Scottish Kilt for you as well.

6) Sporran

Sporrans can be of 3 common types. Sporran day in leather, half fabric and full. All of our sporran come with a standard sporran chain that can fit from a 30-inch waist to a 48-inch waist. The sporran chain attaches to the back of the sporran and passes through round loops at the back of your kilt. The spore hangs about 4/5 inch down from the top in the front of the kilt. We have a Some Kilts for Sale you can explore.

7) Kilt pin

The main function of the kilt pin is to keep your kilt apron down and prevent your kilt from fluttering in the air (it has ruined many wedding photos over the years). Our kilt outs are available in a large number of different designs and metals such as steel, pewter or even silver. The kilt pin only passes through the front apron and is usually 10 cm below the kilt and 5 cm from the side of the kilt. The kilt pin is usually placed in a line in the selected tartan to keep it clean.

8) Kilt hose socks and flashes

Kilts are usually worn over the calf and are tied below the knee, leaving the knee uncovered with a kilt sock. Flashes and garters are used to hold socks in place. The flashes have flexible swings that are wrapped around the calf. The kilts for Sale socks are then attached to the top of the garter for a complete finish. Kilt socks come in a variety of colours to match your kilt, and the glitter is usually in the same tartan as your kilt (usually made from a kilt out of what you wear).

9) Sgian Dubh

Don’t forget your sgian dubh! This is your knife (a traditional part of Highland clothing) and perhaps the most interesting part of your entire outfit! This little dagger goes into the right sock if you have the right hand or in the left sock if you have the left hand. If you have a kilt, it’s a good idea to pair it with your sgian dubh. Just push your sgian dubh into the sock with an inch handle showing off your kilt to complete the outfit! Don’t Forget to check our variety of Scottish Kilt.