How To Measure A Kilt

How To Measure A Kilt

How To Measure A Kilt

How To Measure A Kilt? It is although the easiest measurement but still many people don’t know about it. The Scottish kilt is interesting apparel that is not only popular in the Scotland and USA but also in other European countries that is why people are keen to purchase these kilts for sale in the retail market or online store.

The people only look at the design and style of the Scottish kilt then decided to purchase that kilt but they never realize the measurement. According to our experience, measurement is the most important factor before kilt buying. Without knowing your right size, you will always face big problems.

The kilt measurement is as important as the heart of the human being. Without a heart, the other part of the body will useless. So, you should know your kilt waist, length, and hip size before buying your favorite kilt. These measurements are not so difficult, you only need a few important things in order to accurate kilt measurement. Later in this article, we will be going to discuss the best way to measure a kilt.

How To Measure A Kilt

Why People Don’t Take Attention

Many people don’t take proper attention to the kilt measurement. They feel it is useless to measure the waist and length. These measurements are time-consuming for them and that is why they order the kilt according to their jeans size. The jeans or traditional pants are normally loose fittings and you need a casual belt for fastening your jeans.

There is also a difference between the kilt and jeans fabric. Normally the kilt waist is two to four inches bigger than that of jeans that is why the kilt which is made according to the waist of the jeans cannot fit perfectly at your belly button or waist.

Disadvantages Of Improper Measurement

There are too many disadvantages of improper measurements. The main disadvantage is that the kilt will no longer be of use if you did not measure properly. This kilt will also create a mark on the abdomen. Itchiness and rashes also occur when you wear an inaccurate size kilt for a longer period of time. Whenever you decided to order a new kilt, you should measure first. Never trust the size of your old kilt because the old kilt was made according to your old waist size.

Measure A Kilt In A Proper Way

Proper measurement is important for everyone and even for a newbie. With proper kilt measurement, you will be able to wear a perfect fitting kilt every time. The kilt measurement is not rocket science and not difficult as most newbie thinks, you only need some necessary tools and precautions for kilt measurement. Our kilt measurement is accurate and according to the Scottish size standards. You must have

  • Measuring Tape (Most important)
  • Pen
  • A friend who can measure your size
  • NoteBook

The above are essential for you before start measuring for the Scottish kilt. For accurate kilt measurement you must have to measure:

  1. Kilt Waist Measurement
  2. Seat Measurement
  3. Kilt Length

Kilt Waist Measurement

The kilt waist measurement is the measurement of the kilt that is why it is the kilt waist, not a casual pant or trouser measurement. In this type of measurement, you cannot measure yourself, you need someone who can measure your kilt waist. You can take help from your family member or friend. He/she must have a standard measurement tape for waist measurement. For kilt waist measurement, you should not hold your breath. Just cool and relax and stand erect.

Your friend should place the starting point of the tape at your waist or belly button and move that tape to other ends. In this way, you can know your exact kilt waist. This kilt waist will never be the same as your jeans waist. So, never order a kilt according to your jeans size. You must measure your kilt waist the same way whenever you ordered a kilt.

Remember: The kilt waist is always two to inches more than that of a pant or jeans size.

How To Measure A Kilt

Seat Measurement

It is the second most important step for kilt measurement but this step is not for those people who have thin hips. They can skip this step and move to the third step which is the kilt length measurement. If your buttocks are bigger than your waist size then you should not ignore seat measurement. Many people also don’t take importance in the seat or hip measurement by which the ordered kilt is stuck in the buttocks.

For accurate measurement, you should measure the widest part of the hip with your standard measuring tape. This step is also cannot be done by yourself, so you must take help from friends and the size of your hip should note down in the notebook.

Kilt Length Measurement

This is also an important measurement for every kilt wearer. In this measurement, you should measure the length of the kilt accurately with your standard measuring tape. Your friend should place the measuring tape at the belly button or where you are wearing your old kilts. The other end of the measuring tape should drop down to the knee cap. The difference between the belly button and your knee cap is your kilt length measurement.

However, it is not a fixed rule to measure the knee cap that is why nowadays many fashion lovers like to wear longer-length kilts. So, it is up to you where you want the length of your standard kilt.

Adjustable Kilts

This is today’s trend because many newbies want to wear adjustable kilts. These kilts have been made in such a way that you can easily tight or lose the kilt with the help of extra waistband buttons.

Final Words

This is an interesting article for not only newbies but also for the traditional kilt wearers because old people also doing mistakes while measuring for the Scottish kilt. By understanding the whole article, you will now be able to know How To Measure A Kilt in a proper way.