What Shoes To Wear With A Kilt

What Shoes To Wear With A Kilt

Scottish Kilt & Accessories

The Scottish kilt is the primary cultural dress for the people of Scotland and Ireland. In the past, there were only two kilt nation countries Scotland and Ireland but now many European countries also appreciate this kilt fashion. We all like Scottish kilts for sale but no one takes importance in the kilt accessories, although the accessories are also equally important like kilts.

There are too many accessories available which you can wear with the Highland kilts such as flashes, sgian dubh, leather belt, buckle, brooch, hose, kilt jackets, shirts, and shoes. On a few occasions, you don’t need to wear every accessory with the kilt but in the main Scottish events, you must wear every accessory with the kilt. In this article, we are going to discuss, one of the popular Scottish accessories with you, which you can also wear with your tartan trews i.e, shoes.

Are Shoes Designed For Specific Places?

Yes, every shoe has a meaning and these shoes are designed for some special events. Like regular shoes, you cannot wear the same design Scottish shoes in every place. You must have to understand the shoe type, so you can wear the shoe according to the event. Some are wedding shoes while some type of shoes you can wear at other Scottish events.

For example, high-heeled shoes are designed for mountain climbing, you cannot wear other types of boots in these places. The brogues are designed for Scottish weddings, so you must understand the types of shoes before wearing these shoes at your favorite place.

What Shoes To Wear With A Kilt

Where To Find Kilt Shoes?

The kilt shoes are available in every city of Scotland and Ireland because these are the pioneer countries of shoes. There are many retail shops and shopping malls where you can buy your favorite Scottish shoes according to your Scottish outfit. In these shops, you will find all varieties of brogues, Highland and Formal shoes.

By exploring online, you can also purchase the best quality Scottish shoes according to your budget. Our ukkilt company also makes the best quality Scottish shoes made with real leather fabric. You can easily select your foot size for purchasing our Scottish boots.

What Formal Shoes To Wear With A Scottish Kilt?

We already discussed above, there are too many types and varieties of Scottish shoes available. The Ghillie brogues are the formal shoes that you can wear at your Scottish weddings and dinner parties but these shoes are further divided into two categories. The shoe with laces and the shoe without laces. The black ghillie shoes with laces are the best shoes for weddings.

On the other hand, the brogues without laces whether brown or black, are best for friend’s meetings, office work, and other casual places. In Scottish terminology, the brogues without laces are also called day brogues. These day brogues are mostly worn at day events.

For pipers, there are piper brogues available. These are only designed for bagpipers, so you cannot wear them at weddings. The pipers can wear it at their places with pride and style.

The History Of The Modern Scottish Shoe

The history of the modern Scottish shoe goes back to the 16th century where long size Highland boots were worn by the Highlanders. These boots helped them for a long journey. There was no concept of small shoes or brogues. With the passage of time, small size shoes were discovered. Today’s brogue is the advanced form of the 16th Highland boots.

What Shoes To Wear With A Kilt?

We are discussing the major types of shoes which you can wear with your kilts. You must have a notebook and pen to write down the types of shoes.

  • Brogues
  • Highland Boots
  • Leather Boots
  • Oxfords


The brogues are the traditional Scottish shoes which you can wear at every Scottish ceremony such as dinner parties, pubs, weddings, office meetings, etc. These shoes are mainly divided into two main types which are Ghillie brogues and day brogues. These two categories of shoes are designed for different events, so you cannot wear the Ghillie brogues in those events which are specially designed for the day brogues.

What Shoes To Wear With A Kilt

Ghillie Brogues

These brogues have long laces but don’t have tongues. Like casual shoes, these Ghillie brogues are available in both brown and black colors and made with real leather fabric. You can wear such beautiful shoes at weddings and other night events.

Day Brogues

The day brogues are designed for day events, so you cannot wear these shoes at night places. These shoes have tongues but don’t have long laces. These boots are also available in black and brown colors, you can wear these boots according to your outfit.

Highland Boots

These are the best winter boots and you can wear them with any outfit. There is no restriction for Scottish to wear only Scottish outfits with these boots, casual dress pants are also wearable.

Leather Boots

You can wear these original leather boots with your denim Scottish kilts. These are the casual boots that you can wear on your daily routine activities.


These are the effortless shoes that you can wear with your Scottish kilts. These are the semi-formal shoes which you can wear with your kilt jacket.


By reading this article, you can not only understand What Shoes To Wear With A Kilt but also understand the types of shoes. This is an interesting shoe article that you can share with your friends and family members.