How To Wear A Kilt Belt

How To Wear A Kilt Belt

How To Wear A Kilt Belt

The Scottish belt and buckle are not like an ordinary belt buckle that we are using in daily routine life. These are the special accessories that are not only worn to hold the kilt but also increase the personality of the kilt wearer. How To Wear A Kilt Belt, well it is quite easy as you wear the casual leather but you need a Scottish buckle to fasten the kilt firmly.

Casual Belt Vs Scottish Belt

There are too many differences between these two leather belts. We are here to discuss some common differences which you should know.

  • Size
  • Places
  • Designs
  • Durability
  • Outfits


The Scottish Highland belts are bigger in size than casual leather belts. You cannot wear these big-size belts with pants, trousers and other non-Scottish bottoms. These Scottish belts are also customized according to the kilt wearer’s waist. If one person has 52 inches waist and the other person has 45 inches waist, a leather belt of 45 inches waist person cannot be fit to the person who has 52 inches waist.


The Scottish belts are only wearable at Scottish events such as weddings, parties, pubs, night clubs and new year’s nights. We can say that these are specially designed for the people of Scotland and Ireland. If the USA and other European countries conducted Scottish events and seminars then you have the freedom to wear these Scottish belts there. On the other hand, casual leather belts are worldwide acceptable. You can wear casual leather belts with your favorite jeans, pants, trousers, and shorts. There is no restriction for wearing casual leather belts.


The casual leather belts and buckles are available in many beautiful designs. The Scottish belts and buckles are also these days have too many varieties. Scottish culture is the trendy fashion these days and that is why the leather belts and buckles have also come in unique designs.


The Scottish leather belt is not made with cheap quality PU fabric. Scottish leather belts are made with the original leather fabric which is obtained from different animal skins i.e, sheep, goat, cow, and camel. Similarly, the metal buckles are also made with rust-free fabric. So, these original accessories are durable and you don’t need to purchase the same quality belt buckle again and again. On the other hand, the casual leather belts are not made with the original leather that is why these are the cheapest cost and never give you a long-lasting result.

How To Wear A Kilt Belt


The Scottish belt and buckle are only wearable with the Scottish attire or Scottish outfit. You cannot wear these accessories with casual wear such as pants coats, shirts, jeans, etc. The popular Scottish outfit is the wedding outfit which is a complete Scottish attire. On the other hand, casual leather belts can be worn with any outfit. There are no rules and restrictions regarding wearing leather belts.

Kilt Accessories

Not only Scottish Kilt buckles are attractive for the viewers, but other accessories also equally important and are appreciated all over the world. We are here to discuss with you some of the popular kilt accessories with you.

  • Kilt jacket
  • Kilt Pin
  • Sporran
  • Hose

Kilt jacket

The kilt jacket is not only worn by the Scottish people, the Irish also wear kilt jackets. Every kilt jacket is different from other kilt jackets i.e, brian Boru jacket, prince charlie jacket, argyle jacket, etc. Nowadays, the tartan jackets and tweed jackets are also wearable by Scottish and Irish people. These jackets have more buttons and a different design, unlike casual coats and jackets. Our Scottish kilt company also sells beautiful kilt jackets which are made in wool fabric. If you are a kilt jacket lover, then once try our premium quality kilt jacket.

How To Wear A Kilt Belt

Kilt Pin

The kilt pin is a small but decorative pin that is placed at the bottom of the right front apron. The normal size of the kilt pin is 4 inches but according to the customer order, we can make a bigger size kilt pin. These kilt pins are also customizable, so if you have your design then email us, we will make the kilt pin according to your design. However, there are two purposes for attaching a kilt pin to the apron.

  • To put weight on the apron so that the clit does not flap
  • To increase the beauty of the kilt


The Scottish Sporran is the handy pocket that is attached to the front apron of the traditional tartan kilt. There are too many designs and varieties of the kilts for sale Sporran which is available in many stores such as You can also choose your best Sporran by exploring our wide range of Sporrans.


The hose is a big size knee-length pair of socks that are specially designed for the kilt wearer. You cannot wear these socks with your casual shoes. The Scottish people wear these socks at weddings and other special events.


Now, you not only understand How To Wear A Kilt Belt but key differences between casual and Scottish belts. We also put light on other kilt accessories. If you like this interesting belt article, then share with your friends.