What To Wear With A Kilt Ladies

What To Wear With A Kilt Ladies

Women Kilts

If we talk about the kilt then anyone may think that this apparel belongs to men. However, there is no doubt that the inventor of this Scottish kilt was a man. The kilt basically is designed for men to protect themselves from war and cold weather. After a few decades, it was treated as the main garment of Scotland and Ireland.

Many women wanted to know the answer to this question What To Wear With A Kilt Ladies? However, you can choose any outfit which makes you prettier. We will discuss some outfit ideas which you can wear with your kilts and become an eye-catching personality.

At the start of the 18th century, women also took interest in this garment. Not only traditional wool kilts are being made for women but also other types of beautiful Scottish kilts. As you know that women like more fashion garments than men, so women in non-Scottish countries treat the kilt as a skirt and wear beautiful kilts at different events. Not only kilts, but many women also wear full Scottish attire including Sporran, kilt jacket, belt buckle, pipe band, brogues, hose, flashes, etc.

What To Wear With A Kilt Ladies

Types Of Women Kilts

Like men’s kilts, the women’s kilts are also available in different categories according to material and design. Our UK kilt company has beautiful cotton kilts, denim kilts, Gothic kilts, tartan kilts, and leather kilts for the ladies. Every kilt is made with the original fabric and fulfills the quality standards. Women are wearing every type of kilts at weddings, Shopping malls, friends, and office meetings. There is no shame if you are non-Scottish and wearing kilts at your office because the kilts are similar to skirts but kilts are more comfortable and unique than skirts.

What To Wear With A Kilt Ladies

Now there is the question which comes into mind What To Wear With A Kilt Ladies, well there are too many women kilts outfit ideas we will going to share in the next paragraphs. You can choose those outfits which make you prettier.

  • Women Kilt In Summer
  • Women Kilt In Winter
  • Jackets With Your Kilt
  • School Girl Look
  • Women Kilt With Oxford Shoes
  • Women Kilt With Sunglasses
  • Women Leather Kilt With Leather Belt
  • Long Length Women Kilt
  • Sashes With Women Kilt

Women Kilt In Summer

The best season for wearing women’s kilts is the summer and it gives you a lot of outfit ideas. You can wear high knee women’s socks with combat boots on the bottom area while shirts or t-shirts would be the best top with your kilt and other accessories. Well, in summer, try to wear tartan kilt instead of cotton and leather kilt. 

Women Kilt In Winter

The winter kilt outfit is different than that of summer. You should not wear the same summer outfit in the winter, it will make you sick badly. If we talk about tops, then you should wear leather jackets, kilt jackets or sweaters. The kilt must be of leather and cotton, you can also wear tweed and denim kilt in that winter. We recommend you wear long knee shoes in order to protect yourself from winter.

What To Wear With A Kilt Ladies

Jackets With Your Kilt

A friend’s meetings or at shopping malls, you can wear a t-shirt with casual leather and denim jackets along with your favorite kilt. This outfit is extremely popular in European, Asian, and Middle East countries including Japan, UAE, and India.

School Girl Look

If you want to become a sexy schoolgirl look then wear a short plaid kilt with a white shirt. You can also wear V shape sweater on top for a sexier look. The short plaid kilts are better than short skirts, so we prefer to wear our Scottish school girl outfit at various places.

Women Kilt With Oxford Shoes

However, the oxford shoes are semi-formal shoes and only suitable for men but in this era, women also prefer these shoes. You can wear any color oxford shoes with your utility kilt. 

Women Kilt With Sunglasses

You can wear any outfit with your kilt there is no restriction and never feel ashamed but if you add sunglasses with your outfit then it will increase your personality in a huge gathering of people.

Women Leather Kilt With Leather Belt

Many women like to wear leather skirts, so try our leather kilt which is better than ordinary skirts. With our short leather skirt, you can wear a leather belt and buckle. The leather belt and buckle, are not only suitable with common outfits but also will make you a stunning look if you wear it with your mini leather kilt.

Long Length Women Kilt

Some women, however, like to wear long-length skirts in their daily routine life. Our UK kilt company also has longer length kilts for sale fashion loves. Moreover, our company makes made-to-order women’s kilts, so you can increase the length of your favorite women’s kilt. Our long length kilts are also fulfilled the Scottish rules and regulations.

Sashes With Women Kilt

The Scottish people mostly love to wear a tartan sash with their kilt but if you are non- Scottish then you can try other beautiful color sashes. The casual cotton sashes are also increased your personality along with our women’s kilts.


You can now understand What To Wear With A Kilt Ladies, however,  you can add more outfit ideas that suit your personality.