What Is Worn Under A Kilt

What Is Worn Under A Kilt

The Scottish is the softest apparel among all popular apparel present today. There are many apparels which you can wear in your specific places but there is not single apparel which fulfills all your needs. The Scottish kilt is not only designed for Scottish weddings and similar places but also for day-to-day activities. You can wear these kilts with any top or without a top, there is no restriction at all.

What is worn under a kilt? A true Scotsman wears the kilts without underwear because he loves to walk with freedom. Wearing kilts depends on your choice and personality.

What Do You Wear With Kilt

However, it depends on person to person but in this modern era, many people wear kilts with underwear. Modern guys feel ashamed of wearing this apparel without underwear. They think some part of the body may visible. If you wear the kilt in the proper manner then your body will never be visible.

It is psychic of every person and there is no rule of wearing the Scotland kilts. Many people with the kilts with the traditional Scottish attire but some people wear the kilts with casual shirts. The Scottish attire includes everything which is necessary for a proper wedding dress.

What Is Worn Under A Kilt

What Is Worn Under A Kilt

In this era, many people wear underwear or shorts beneath the Scottish kilt but in ancient times, the kilt was always worn in the commando form. There are, however, many benefits of wearing the Scottish kilts for sale in the commando form but the major benefit is that it increases the fertility ratio of the men. If you are sexual and wanted to increases the sperm power and erection time then should wear kilts without anything. Some shy people these days still wear shorts, trousers, or underwear beneath their kilts. The kilt is soft apparel, so whatever you wear beneath your kilt, you will remain active.

What Is Worn Under A Great Kilt?

Traditionally there is no concept of underwear or shorts with great kilt. The great kilt itself is a complete outfit that does not require wearing anything. Not only ancient great kilt lovers but also modern people also wear nothing with the great kilt. The great kilt is made with different soft tartan patterns which make them comfortable all the time. You don’t need to wear any top such as a shirt, jacket, waistcoat, etc with a great kilt.

Scottish Survey Report

Scottish survey is conducted every year in Scotland or other countries. According to the report of this year’s survey, the majority of the Scottish in different countries wear underwear beneath their kilts. The true Scottish in Scotland loves to walk in different places in commando form. They think the commando form gives a boost to their sperm and sex power. We will discuss the report in the next paragraphs.

Scottish Kilts With Underwear

If we talk about today’s kilt trend, modern people wear underwear beneath their kilt. According to a report, more than 55% of Scottish people in different countries of the world wear underwear under their kilt. They feel ashamed when some part of the body will be visible that is why they wear underwear with any type of kilts such as tartan kilt, Gothic kilt, utility kilt, and other types of kilts.

What Is Worn Under A Kilt

Scottish kilts In A Commando Form

According to the Scottish survey report, about 38% of Scottish wear nothing beneath the kilt and this is the original way of wearing the Scottish kilts. Nowadays, many people do not follow the rules and regulations of Scotland. The reason is that there is no punishment for wearing kilts with underwear. However, the people who do not wear anything beneath their kilts are always active and healthy all the time.

Scotsman Wear Kilts With Shorts

According to the report, only 7% of Scottish people in Scotland, the USA, and other countries wear shorts with Scottish kilts.Mainly they wear this style of kilt clothing in different Scottish games and sports. Many non-Scottish people follow this style of wearing kilts. They even wear pants and trousers beneath their kilts at different places.


In this article, we discussed in the detail What Is Worn Under A Kilt? Although the original method of wearing the kilt is without underwear, nowadays many people do not follow these rules and feel ashamed. It is up to you whatever style of wearing the kilts you preferred. If you like this interesting kilt-wearing article then don’t forget to share this article with your Facebook and Instagram friends and followers.