Why Do Scots Wear Kilts

why do scots wear kilts

The kilts are specially designed for the people of two nations of the United Kingdom. These kilt-wearing nations are Scotland and Ireland. Historically Scotland is a pioneer country that introduces Scottish kilt to the world. After a few centuries, the Irish people also adopted this culture. Since now it is the symbolic dress of these two nations. The kilts are also called Scottish kilts in general.

There are many reasons Why Do Scots Wear Kilts which make this apparel better than other bottoms such as shorts, pants, trousers, and jeans. The primary reason is that it protects from the cold weather.

The Scottish people start wearing the traditional kilt i.,e great kilt in the 16th century. There were only two reasons for wearing the great kilt. i.e, to protect from winter, for defense in war. Later people use to make different household items with the fabric of the great kilt which was tartan. This tartan fabric is nowadays the premium fabric as it is made with wool. The wool obtained from the sheep makes you warm during winter.

This tartan fabric is available in different patterns which are discovered by Scottish families. Nowadays there are more varieties in the kilts and it is now a trendy fashion. Not only in Scotland and Ireland, but this trendy fashion is also popular in many states of the United States of America. Some other European countries also like to wear Scottish apparel. It is a fashion and this fashion moves like a windstorm throughout the world.

why do scots wear kilts

Why Do Scots Wear Kilts

As we discussed above that the Scottish is the pioneer who introduced this beautiful apparel. There are many reasons Why Do Scots Wear Kilts. The main reason is that it is made with wool fabric and we all know that wool is obtained from the skin of various animals. High-quality wool is obtained from sheep which are used in many garments. The wool for the kilt is not simple wool, it has different cross colors which are known as tartans. Every Scottish family has its own tartan which differentiates that family from others. Scotland and Ireland have mostly cold climates and the tartan or wool kilt is the best apparel for cold weather. There are also many reasons by which Scottish people prefer kilts over other bottom wears.

  • Comfortable
  • Flexible
  • Increase Sex Life
  • Adjustable
  • Durable
  • Itching And Sweating
  • Best For Wedding


The Scottish kilts for Sale are made with soft wool fabric which makes you comfortable and cool all the time. It never put pressure on your stomach and never creates scars on the abdomen. This bottom wear is best for everyone especially old people who feel more comfortable while wearing kilts instead of pants. This feature is not available in tight pants and trousers that is why it is the best choice for the Scottish and Irish people.


It is a flexible dress no doubt about it. You can easily wear and take off your Scottish kilts. There are straps and buckles attached with every traditional tartan kilt, which is not only helpful for you to fasten the kilt but also you can take off easily.

why do scots wear kilts

Increase Sex Life

You may be surprised, this amazing apparel also increases your sex life. As this is open bottom wear which doesn’t need underwear, shorts, or anything beneath the kilt, so airy kilt helps in penis erection. The sperm’s power and thickness also increase because of this open bottom wear.


This is the unique feature of this apparel which is not available in other bottom wears. All types of Scottish kilts are adjustable, you can easily adjust the kilts with the waist buttons or straps. If you wrongly ordered the tight-fitting kilt then don’t worry, you can also wear it ( we can do this for you).


This is the durable bottom wear because the Scottish kilt is made with the original fabrics i.e, tweed, wool, leather, etc. You don’t need to purchase the same style Scottish kilt every year. The buttons, studs, and other metals in the kilts are also rust-free and never wear and tear due to a couple of handwashes.

Itching And Sweating

The Scottish kilts never create rashes and other health issues such as itching and sweating. You can wear the Scottish kilts for a longer period of time which is a problem that is why this Scottish apparel makes you fresh and active all the time.

Best For Wedding

The traditional tartan kilt is the primary part of Scottish attire. ( Scottish attire is the complete outfit which has kilt jackets and other accessories) Without the tartan kilt, you cannot wear the remaining Scottish outfit and never go to friends or someone’s wedding. The tartan kilt is the foremost choice of every Scottish people at the wedding.

Final Words

In this interesting article, you understand the common reasons Why Do Scots Wear Kilts. In this modern era, this apparel is regarded as one of the best apparel. Share this helpful article with your colleagues.