How To Make Kilts For Men – Best Guide

How To Make Kilts For Men

How To Make Kilts For Men?

Many newbies wanted to know How To Make Kilts For Men. Scottish kilt-making is fun and interesting but it is not for the unprofessional person. It needs a lot of practice and you may lose the kilt fabric. The kilt-making is different from making jeans and pants. It is the different apparel that is made with tartan fabric. The tartan fabric is not used for making jeans and pants, so you must make the kilts carefully. However, this article is designed for making men’s kilts but you can also apply the same methods for women’s kilts. The women’s kilts are softer than men’s kilts. We will discuss more in detail how to make kilts for men.

How To Make Kilts For Men? for making a perfect kilt, you need the necessary tools and fabric. You must carefully understand all important steps for making the standard kilt for men

How To Make Kilts For Men

Kilts For Men

The Scottish kilts are mostly designed for men because men love more Scottish kilts than other bottoms such as pants, trousers, shorts, and leggings. These days the kilts are the fashion for men. Not only Scottish people, many Americans, and other nation people love to wear such soft and comfortable apparel in many non- Scottish events.

The kilts are an attractive garment because their shape and design are different from shorts, pants, and other casual bottoms. In the past, the kilt was only designed for men as men of Scotland loves to wear those apparel that has more pleats at the backside and the kilt is one of them. The Scottish great kilt is the traditional highland dress that has many pleats at the backside and this dress is considered the original form of the kilt.

Kilts For Women

After some centuries the Scottish kilts are also designed for women. The womens kilts have fewer pleats than men but these kilts are better than other women’s skirts. According to the survey, the women in Scotland and Ireland prefer kilts over skirts. These women’s kilts are shorter in length than skirts. Another good thing about women’s kilts is that it is made with soft fabric. Many women prefer tartan kilts to other types of kilts.

The tartan is a soft and more comfortable fabric than cotton that is why many job girls also wear short kilts on their duties. The best example is tilted kilt pub & eatery. This is one of the best Scottish restaurants where kilts were short tartan kilts and other Scottish attire. This restaurant promotes the Scottish culture in the United States and Canada. Furthermore, the old women can also wear soft tartan kilts. The pants and jeans are always uncomfortable for older women so the Scottish tartan kilt is the best choice for them.

How To Make Kilts For Men : Steps

We are going to discuss the necessary steps for making the best Scottish kilts for Sale. Please note down these steps in your notebook if you are a newbie and make kilts according to our instructions. This step-by-step approach will help you in making a good Scottish kilt.

  • Measurement
  • Necessary Tools
  • Calculate The Material
  • Making Pleats
  • Making Waist Band
  • Belt Loops
  • Pockets
  • Straps & Buckles

How To Make Kilts For Men


No one can make an accurate Scottish kilt without measurement. The measurement is the essential part of making a standard utility-style kilt. The following kilt measurement is necessary for you

  1. Waist Size Measurement
  2. Hip Size Measurement
  3. Kilt Length Measurement

1-  Waist Size Measurement

Many kilt wearers cannot take importance for waist size measurement, when the ordered kilt arrived at their home, that kilt will no longer use because of inaccurate size. For this measurement, you must stand straight and erect as well as breathe normally like in daily routine life. Your friend should measure around your body waist or belly button, this is your waist measurement, it is very simple but you must take it seriously.

2- Hip Size Measurement

The hip size measurement is not a compulsory measurement for those who have thinner hips. it is for those who have wide buttocks because accurate hip size kilt will never stuck on buttocks. In this measurement, your friend should place the measuring tape around the widest area of the hip to get the hip measurement.

3- Measure the Length Size

In this measurement, your friend should place one end of the standard measuring tape at your waist or at the belly button and another end must drop down to where you want the length of the Scottish utility kilt. Normally the length is at the knee cap but you can set your own length.

Necessary Tools

The following tools are necessary for making Scottish utility kilts.

  1. Sewing Machine
  2. Pins
  3. Fabric pencil
  4. Fabric
  5. Matching Thread
  6. Iron
  7. Scissors
  8. Tailors Tape

Calculate The Material

For making the front apron of the utility-style kilt, you must cut 1/3 of the total waistline while for making the front apron of the traditional tartan kilt, you must cut 1/2 of the total waistline. Now you need to cut the fabric for the pleated area of the Scottish utility kilt. In order to do this, you must divide the total waistline by 3, the answer must be multiplied by 8 then add an inch. The width of the pleated area is the length of the knee minus 2.

Making Pleats

Cut the pleated area of the utility kilt and fold 1/2 inch and sew them with your sewing machine. The depth of the pleat must be 2 inches and you must sew the edges of each pleat. After sewing the pleats, you must iron the pleats well.

Making Waist Band

The waistband must be 1 to 1/2 inches longer than the actual waist size. It is the standard rule for making the waistband for the Scottish kilt.

Belt Loops

The making of belt loops is fun and not very difficult. The standard size of a belt loop is 1 inch but nowadays, there are many designs and sizes of belt loops that are used in modern kilts.


For every utility kilt, there are two pockets and these pockets must be 8 inches deep. All these storage pockets are beautified with metal buttons and studs as it is the necessary ornaments for the pockets.

Straps And Buckles

You can attach the same fabric straps with cotton or tartan kilts. The buckles can be of brass or chrome (according to the wearer’s choice). These are essential in any of the kilts i.e, tartan or utility kilt for adjustable fitting.

Final Words

By reading the above article, you can now understand the easiest method of How To Make Kilts For Men. You can apply the same above steps for making the best quality kilts for women.