What Is A Tartan Plaid

What Is A Tartan Plaid

Plaid and tartan is the most widely used term in UK and USA in terms of Scottish heritage. Without understanding these terminologies, no one can understand the true picture of Scotland. These two terms have different meanings and concepts but in the USA, the general public uses both words with the same meaning. On the other hand, Scotland and other surrounding areas know well about these terms. They always decide first, which fabric is best for the particular kilt. Knowledge of these two terminologies is very important for everyone whether you are Scottish or non-Scottish.

What Is A Tartan Plaid? Tartan has a history and a particular name while plaid is a pattern that does not have a name or history but this fabric is more widely used than tartan.

What Is A Tartan

The tartan is the fabric having one or more thread colors. Mostly the kilts are worn in more than one color pattern. Two or more different color threads are used in order to form a single color which is a tartan. These threads formed a check or grid pattern. Every tartan has a specific name (i.e, black watch, Royal Stewart, etc,) and a Scottish history.

In the ancient period, there were few tartans available for the army men and the general public but now there are more than 4000 tartans available. Every tartan is beautiful and has a history which is worn by a large number of people in the USA and UK. The Scottish tartan is a soft fabric than cotton, leather, and tweed that is why the people of the USA and UK prefer tartans over other fabrics. Furthermore, this soft kilt fabric never put pressure on the stomach and prevents sweating and itching.

What Is A Tartan Plaid

What Products Made With Tartan

The tartans are widely used in garments and a few household items (if plaid is not available). It is widely used in traditional kilts and skirts because these are the base of Scottish culture. Other widely wearable garments in tartan fabric include trews, Sporrans, coats, socks, shoes, sashes, flashes, and other kilt accessories. The tartan is the base of the Scottish attire that is why it is an important fabric.

Weights Of The Tartans

The Scottish tartans are available from 8 oz to 16oz. These are the common weight of the tartans depending on the type of products. In kilts and coats, the 13oz and 16oz are preferable but in other accessories, you can choose lightweight tartans. Women always wear soft and comfortable dresses, so their kilts are mostly made with lightweight tartan fabric.

What Is A Tartan Plaid

What Is A Tartan Plaid? this is an important question for those who don’t know about plaid or don’t know the difference between tartan and plaid. The plaid fabric is also made in two or more colors. Like in tartan, the two or more colors form a tartan that has a name but in plaid, there is no name of a new color pattern. There is no concept of a name and no one can set a name of a specific plaid.

The plaid has more colors than tartans because the plaid is commonly used in almost every country. This is treated as the check fabric made with cotton or wool. In Asian countries, people use small pieces of plaid for dusting household items. The apparel industry in these countries also produces beautiful clothes for children and boys. Some Table mats, blankets, and bedsheets are also made in plaid fabric. 

What Is A Tartan Plaid

Origins Of The Word Plaid

The plaid fabric was used in ancient times and it was first used in Scottish Gaelic about 1502 to 1515. In that ancient period, it was pronounced as “played” instead of a “plaid”. The Scottish people use the plaid as a blanket to protect them from winter. It was widely used in the 16th century but later people use this fabric in cushion covers, gloves, and other household items.

Plaid In Today’s Life

Plaid is widely used in today’s life, especially in the Asian, Middle East, and African countries. In Scotland, plaid jackets and blankets are commonly used. Plaids can be made from cotton or wool, but manufacturers in these countries prefer cotton to wool because it is cheaper and more widely available.

Great Kilt Fabric

The Scottish great kilt is the father or pioneer of the kilt and it was first worn in the ancient era. At that time the plaid and tartan fabric were both used to cover the full body during winters. The general public of Ireland and Scotland uses these fabrics in different household items.

Both fabrics were equally important at that time but later the tartan gain more popularity over plaid. The Scottish families discover new tartans and now there are more tartan colors available for the kilt lovers. Today’s great kilt is made with tartan fabric and the most common great kilt tartan fabric is granite grey, black watch, and Ramsay blue.

Final Words

In this interesting article, we not only cover What Is A Tartan Plaid but also give you a clear understanding of the concept of these two terms. Hope you enjoy this article and never forget to share this tartan plaid article with your Facebook and Instagram friends.