How To Wrap A Great Kilt

The great kilt is also called a Scottish great kilt and it is treated as the main traditional kilt of Scotland. This great kilt is also called Feileadh Mòr which is still used in many countries not only in Scotland and Ireland. The main European countries where this kilt are wearing include Germany, Denmark, Italy and Sweden.

Many people don’t know How To Wrap A Great Kilt or a Feileadh Mòr, it is very easy but you must follow some important steps. In easy way, you must do the pleats manually at the center of that Feileadh Mòr and put the leather belt beneath this tartan woolen cloth. Now lay down and swap left and right side over your apron. Then standup and fasten the extra fabric of both end with your brooch or pin, thats it. An easy way to wear the great kilt.

How To Wrap A Great Kilt

What Is A Great Kilt

The Scottish great kilt was the oldest cultural dress of Scotland. This was used during wars and winter in the 16th century. The great kilt is itself not small bottom wear, it is the complete outfit that covers the whole body. If you want to try this great kilt, you don’t need shirts or shorts to wear this Highland Great kilt.

In ancient times, the military army and Royal kings wore that dress as a symbol of price. This great kilt was also being used to make different household items such as pillow covers, mats, etc. Village people and old men wear this woolen fabric to protect themselves from winter. This fabric was soft and have the ability to make anyone warm. This woolen fabric is nowadays available in too many beautiful colors in which you can wear the great kilt, small kilts, Sporrans, kilt jackets, and other highland accessories.


The tartan fabric is made with wool which is a popular fabric these days. This fabric has more than 5000 colors available till today. Every Scottish royal family has its own tartan which is known as the clan. Some are the common and widely used tartans which are not only liked by Scottish and Irish people but also non-Scottish people such as Black Stewart tartan, Black Watch tartan, Gordon tartan, etc.  This tartan fabric is also widely used in kilts and other accessories. Furthermore, in non-Scottish countries, people make different things with this wool fabric.


Great Kilt In 16th Century

People in that ancient times, wear 9-yard tartan cloth on their bodies. More yards were required for making the great kilt. This 9-yard fabric was 30 inches wide. People made this great kilt in such a way that 9 yards were divided into two equal-size i.e, 4.5 yards. Each 4.5-yard tartan fabric was 30 inches wide and these two parts were sewn, so that the total width would be 60 inches while the yard = 4.5 yards.

How Many Yards In A Great Kilt?

Nowadays, there was no concept of making a kilt with 9-yard fabric. The maximum fabric is 8 yards and this is only for those people who have more waist size. Normally 4 and the 6-yard fabric is used for making great kilts for sale and other smaller kilts. If your waist is up to 34 inches then your 4-yard fabric is required. For waist 34 to 44 inches 6 yard fabric is used. If your waist is more than 44 inches then the 8-yard fabric is used for making the Scottish kilt. The height is also an important factor for making an accurate size great kilt.

How To Make A Scottish Great Kilt

Making a Scottish great kilt is not very difficult, you must choose the tartan fabric in which you want to make a great kilt. There are, however, a large number of tartans available in the market but always select those which are according to your clan. Suppose your waist is 33 inches then your tartan must be in 4 yards. Now lay down that fabric on the ground and do pleats manually at the center and then put the Scottish leather belt beneath that fabric. After that, lay down on the pleated area, so you can see non-pleated parts on both sides. Wrap each part on your apron one by one.

The next step is to fasten that kilt with your belt and stand up. One end of the extra fabric should drop on the right shoulder and another one should be moved on the left side and meet the right should. You can tie both ends or use a brooch to fasten.

How To Wrap A Great Kilt

Wrapping a Scottish great kilt is interesting and fun and it is great learning for the newbie. If you are gaining knowledge about Scottish culture then must note down all important points in your notebook about wrapping a great kilt.

How To Wrap A Great Kilt

Step 1- Pleating Great Kilt

  1. Lay down your fabric tartan woolen fabric on the floor
  2. For making pleats, you should do manual pleating at the center of the fabric.
  3. The left and right sides of the fabric will be non-pleated

Step 2- Wrapping Great Kilt

  1. After pleating, the belt must be laid down beneath the tartan fabric
  2. Kilt wearer now lay down at the center of the pleated area
  3. Swap left side fabric on your front right apron and then swap right side fabric on your front left apron
  4. Use the belt to fasten the apron firmly

Part 3- Wearing the Great Kilt

  1. After fastening the great kilt with your leather belt, now you stand up
  2. The extra fabric of both ends will be on your backside
  3. One fabric should drop on the right should and the other part should move from the left side and fasten the right should fabric with the metal brooch.
  4. You can use the common or safety pin to fasten both ends of the fabric.


By following every above step you can know. How To Wrap A Great Kilt. If you like this great kilt-making article, then share it with your Facebook friends.