What Is A Tartan Skirt

What Is A Tartan Skirt

What Is A Tartan Skirt

Tartan skirts are usually called tartan kilts. The kilt was introduced in the eighteenth century. There are many types of skirts but the tartan skirt is the most famous and most worn skirt. Do many people want to know what is tartan skirt is? The tartan skirt is a cultural dress worn by the Scottish people.

The tartan skirt is a skirt designed for women and girls, who wear it casually at various places. This skirt has two sides, the front or back side. The front side is plain while the backside of the women’s skirt has pleats.

Tartan was traditionally a woven straight and diagonal lined printed fabric.
The tartan skirt was usually worn at a function or special occasion but nowadays it is worn as a fashion. Women also wear it for their comfort as it is very comfy. It has the property of absorbing sweat so it is worn more in hot weather. These are great for working women if you know how to wear them. Tartan skirts are worn by both men and women.

What Is A Tartan Skirt

Difference between men’s and women’s tartan skirts:

The skirt basically is made for women and the kilt is for men. In the modern era, the skirt and kilt are treated with the same meaning. The tartan skirts are made according to the natural texture of the women’s crusher so that it is easy to swing naturally and attractive to look at. Women wear skirts at parties, pubs, fashion events, and other various places. Moreover, the tartan skirts are made for every woman, not just Scottish or Irish. If you belong to a different nation and culture then you can also wear skirts with your favorite outfit.

The women’s kilts normally have lesser pleats but they can be increased according to the wearer’s requirement. On the other hand, the men’s kilts always have more pleats and these pleats increase the attractive look of the kilt. Another big difference is the weight of the skirt or kilt. Women mostly love to wear lightweight dresses that is why the skirt made for women is also lightweight. These skirts never put pressure on the body, so every woman will remain comfortable while wearing the skirts. Although men’s kilts are heavier than women’s skirts but these kilts are also better than pants and jeans. The kilts for men are also designed in such a way that the kilt makes you active and comfortable all the time.

How to wear tartan skirts:

The Scottish tartan skirt is apparel like other apparel available these days. These tartan skirts are the wrapping garment in which the front side must have plain while the backside of the body must have pleats. The women’s tartan skirts have lesser pleats while the men’s skirts (kilts) have more pleats. Furthermore, the Scottish tartan skirts also have a season to wear and you must wear these skirts with a proper Scottish outfit.

The women of Scotland and other countries mostly wear these skirts in summer and spring. If you want to wear skirts in winter, then you can also wear them but you must wear a hose and other Scottish accessories with the skirt. Tartan skirts are also made in fleece fabric besides woven but the woven fabric is more preferred due to its attractive feature. Tartan skirts are accompanied by many accessories that make them look more attractive.

What Is A Tartan Skirt

In Which Fabric Skirts Are Made

The skirts are made with many popular fabrics such as leather, cotton, denim, wool, and flannel. However, the popular fabric for making women’s skirts is wool or tartan. This fabric is softer than others and women in every country prefer wool instead of other fabric skirts. These tartan or wool skirts are easily adjustable by using 2-3 leather straps.

Accessories of tartan skirt:

  • kilt pin
  • Sporrans
  • cufflinks and many more.

kilt pin:

The kilt pin is an ornament accessory that you must wear at the bottom right side of the kilt. Which is available in different designs.


The Sporran is the handy pocket of a traditional clan tartan kilt which helps in keeping important goods and documents. You can wear the Sporran on the front side with other accessories such as a belt buckle, kilt pin, etc. Therefore, the Sporran is part of the Scottish men’s outfit.


The cufflink is also an important kilt accessory that makes your traditional tartan kilt more attractive. However, chrome, brass, and special stones increase the beauty of the cufflinks.

Final words:

This article explains, what is a tartan skirt? We are going to share some interesting information with you, Scottish skirts or kilts are not only wearables in Scotland and Ireland but also in other countries of the world such as France, Italy, Japan, Germany, etc.